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  • Chewing Tobacco In Professional Baseball

    Chewing tobacco should be banned from professional baseball because it is an unhealthy addiction and leaves a negative impact on America’s youth. Chewing tobacco has been a part of the game for too long and has been causing problems since the beginning. It has been used throughout the game by players and managers alike; this widespread use has been a negative influence to the younger generation in America. Seeing their heroes (professional athletes), chewing, has caused kids to follow in their footsteps and take up the nasty habit as well. Once you start chewing, it is highly addictive and extremely hard to break once you have started. Chewing tobacco has been in baseball long enough. With all of the negative health consequences and the impact it has had on people, chewing tobacco should be…

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  • Chewing Tobacco Effects

    The Effects of Chewing Tobacco Six million people die each year worldwide with the use of tobacco. Tobacco is a substance that is very hard to quit once started. Tobacco users often get attracted by the container it is in. Commercials with attractive labeling and showing the brand of tobacco can also draw the viewers attention. Older people and professional athletes can impact the younger society too because they admire them. All of the cans or bags of tobacco have a warning label stating that…

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  • Chewing Tobacco: The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

    Chewing tobacco is not as damaging to your body as smoking is. Dipping is more convenient in public, not hard on your body like smoking is, and it is a cheaper habit than smoking. Smokeless tobacco is the way to go if you develop a habit, not smoking. Most public places always encourage to go smoke outside for health reasons. The reasons behind all of these laws to stay within fifteen feet from the building is because of these few reasons. One, many people have asthma and the smoke could…

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  • Chewing Tobacco Persuasive Essay

    everywhere, you can’t run from it, you can’t hide from it, it’s something that’s always there. Its cigarettes. Everywhere you go there’s always someone you see smoking, rather it is an elder, an adult, or even a teenager. Maybe even sometimes in your mind you even consider starting to smoke, it looks cool, maybe you want to fit in. But, before you even consider picking up one of those deadly things consider that it may be the thing that could end your life. Yes, that’s right…it’s a health risk.…

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  • Reflective Essay # 3

    Now my dad stopped chewing tobacco around a year ago. Great, I know! To fill the empty void of chewing tobacco he has taken up chewing gum, while I am happy that this change has been made, it can be known to drive me crazy. I’m not sure what’s worse the snapping of the gum after a bubble or the chewing noise in a small quiet room or car, either way it drives me up a wall. Now the noise of gum has bothered me since like middle school, and I know it bothers quite a few of people, but it’s just…

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  • Gum In High School Essay

    hundreds of years! Ever since the ancient Greeks have been chewing wads of mastic tree resin to make their breath sweeter. It has plenty of flavors and odors that different types of people can choose from, and that may also be one reason why gum is still a popular and well-enjoyed treat until now. Gum should be encouraged in school as not only is it pleasant it is also a useful treat to increase one’s alertness and attentive and strengthens one’s focus. In fact, a surprising matter is that gum…

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  • Should Gum Be Allowed In Schools

    your metabolism increases by 20%. In the long run this may keep you thinner and more healthy because your metabolism plays a big role in burning down those calories and turning them into energy. Next, gum shows all clearly that it can produce great results when it comes to healthiness when the author of ‘Health benefits of Gum Chewing’ explain,s, “chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain and ultimately helps our brains become more healthy”. This is because, with the extensive amount of…

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  • Gum History

    Gum’s history cannot be traced back to a single place, nor can it be traced to a single substance. The history goes back thousands of years, back to the time of the Mayans and the Aztecs. Even the Native Americans were chewing their own type of gum. Furthermore the range of history is actually extremely important. It helps better explain why gum is still around today and why it will most likely continue its existence throughout the future. Gum has played an important in society in the past and…

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  • Gum Should Be Allowed In School Essay

    Should Gum chewing be allowed in class? Does it really help students or is it a messy distraction?Gum Has been scientifically proven to help kids focus and to help them improve their memory.Gum Chewing also Helps you relieve stress and helps you relax when working on homework or classwork.Some people become more attentive and feel more alert when they chew gum. Chewing can take away sleepiness. Gum Has been scientifically proven to help kids focus and to help them improve their memory.…

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  • Chewing Gum Experiment

    concentration-enhancing methods, which help people staying focused during the tasks at hand and get them done efficiently. One of these methods is very popular among many young people, and it is chewing gum when solving difficult tasks. This fact has eventually become a curiosity, which many psychologists want to learn more about it via researching. This curiosity…

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