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  • Kent County History Essay

    beginning of the non-profit’s establishments, their needs were met in a dissimilar structure. Recently, the Historical Society relocated to 301 High Street, which served as a former storefront for Compleat Bookstore, Corsica Bookstore, and Bordley family’s department store. Before the Bordley House, the Historical Society operated out of the Geddes-Piper House. This was originally home to Chestertown’s Customs Inspector and has aligned the street of Church Aly since the 1730s. When the society moved into the Geddes-Piper house in 1956, twenty years after the non-profit’s founding, their mission was to collect and organize information on Chestertown while inspiring the community to preserve its physicality. Once the Historical Society purchased the dilapidated Geddes-Piper house, it was fully restored to its 18th century charm. Shortly thereafter, Chestertown followed in the society’s footsteps, remodeling all of the old, decrepit houses in the historic district to create the town that we see today: one filled with beautiful 18th century homes and storefronts. After the Geddes-Piper renovations, first two floors were transformed into a “small hose museum” and visiting the Historical Society was like walking on a timeline. Geddes-Piper experienced three centuries of Kent County history and possessed many different artifacts in each room spanning from the 17th century all the way to the 20th century. For nearly half a century, a miniature museum with a modest library was all…

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  • L. Ron Hubbard: The Church Of Scientology

    inspire him, so he joined the Montana National Guard, therefore his Armed Forces careers started. When Hubbard was twenty-seven, he married his first wife Margaret Grubb, who he called “Polly”. They got married in Elkton, Maryland on April 13, 1933. Hubbard and Grubb had two children together. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard Jr. and Katherine May Hubbard. Hubbard Jr. was born on May 7, 1934. Not wanting to be named after his father anymore, Hubbard Jr. changed his name to Ronald DeWolf. Hubbard’s…

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