Andersonville National Historic Site

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  • Andersonville Prison

    Prisons in the south during the civil war were very brutal towards the inmates, but one of the worst prisons to get sent to was Andersonville. The history being this terrifying building, the people that were killed or barely survived, and the people controlling the prison will make it known that Andersonville was the worst prison you could go to at this time during the civil war. Andersonville prison was founded in early 1864 in Andersonville, Georgia. The prison was surrounded by large pine logs that were around 15 to 17 feet in height. Then in late June, 1864, the prison was expanded and covered 26 ½ acres. Around the building every 90 feet there was sentry boxes that the guards would stand in to survey the prison. What was also around the…

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  • Essay On Andersonville

    From 1864 to 1865 Andersonville, GA was the site of a huge military prison for the confederacy. It was officially called Camp Sumter and was highly known for its horrible conditions and high death rate. In’s article “Andersonville” it says, “In all, approximately 13,000 Union prisoners perished at Andersonville, and following the war its commander, Captain Henry Wirz (1823-65), was tried, convicted and executed for war crimes.” This camp was highly feared and the conditions in which…

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  • Clara Barton Essay

    epidemics in the U.S. after that. She traveled to each disaster to coordinate relief, caring for civilians and soldiers alike which upheld The Red Cross’s fundamental principle of neutrality. In the face of disaster, “…the choices she made were pragmatic—not driven by principle or ideology…” and because of that, she made an outstanding nurse, humanitarian and teacher. Her impact on shaping what the American Red Cross is currently, the lives touched because of her endeavors and years of labor,…

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  • American Red Cross Research Paper

    Red Cross. An international organization that's been helping other for 136 years, founded under the terms of the agreement from Geneva, Switzerland (the rule of the humane treatment). More than 25,000 volunteers support The Red Cross in helping others, and donations keep the programs running, but The Red cross foundation needs more help. I believe with your help The Red Cross can grow and keep working to save lives. The Red Cross Foundation started in America on May 21, 1881 by Clara Barton.…

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  • What Is Clara Barton's Role In The Civil War

    Women had a very big role in the Civil War. Nurses paved the way for nurses in the future, while saving lives. Women were not only nurses, but in the civil war, they were so much more. Clara Barton was a woman who worked as a Clerk in the U.S. Patent Office in Washington D.C. She later paved the way for women and nurses in the future. She briefly made the same amount of money as a man did. They pay did not last long. After she was a clerk, she got recruited to be a nurse in the Civil War. She…

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  • Clara Barton Accomplishments

    collected over the years. "A ball has passed between my body and the right arm which supported him, cutting through his chest from shoulder to shoulder. There was no more to be done for him and I left him to his rest. I have never mended that hole in my sleeve. I wonder if a soldier ever does mend a bullet hole in his coat?" (Clara Barton at Antietam) Unfortunately, Barton became ill with typhoid fever and collapsed (Carla Barton at Antietam). Following her illness, she returned to Washington…

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  • Gifford Pinchot's Stand For Conservation

    Forest Service History). Gifford Pinchot took a stand for forest conservation by leading conservation programs, participating in the government and politics, and influencing others to contribute to his cause, thus paving the way for American conservation. Pinchot’s background is one of the major factors that cause his interest in forestry. Pinchot was born into an upper class family. His family was strongly influenced by French culture, so they spent a lot of time in France (Dictionary of…

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  • John White The Lost Colony Summary

    John White was an English painter, explorer and colonist. John White used watercolors to paint maps and objects that he saw while he was exploring Roanoke. Today we use the paintings by John White to try and solve the mystery of the “Lost Colony.” There was three attempts to settle Roanoke. The first attempt was lead by Arthur Barlowe who took more than a hundred men with him to settle in July of 1585. They had a supply shortage and didn’t think the supplies would get to them in time, so they…

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  • Clara Barton Character Traits

    She also was a phenomenal speaker, but this trait was not something she always had. Carla Barton was always a shy girl, but after her brother’s incident she learned to outgrow that stage. Clara was a young gal when her brother developed an illness and this is what lead to her great journey. She learned to care for him on her own where she gained experience as a nurse (National Women's History Museum, n.d). At the age of 18, she began teaching, but this ended when she moved to a different state…

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  • Clara Barton Research Papers

    blood donations. Roughly 4 million people come together annually to aid those in need, contributing over 40% of blood in America alone. In addition, Clara's legacy works to help military families adjust to the separation and other difficulties the service causes in both times of war and peace. Those working with the Red Cross provide different training courses to those within the community. They show members of all ages various tasks, from life saving CPR for adults to swim lessons for children.…

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