John White The Lost Colony Summary

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John White was an English painter, explorer and colonist. John White used watercolors to paint maps and objects that he saw while he was exploring Roanoke. Today we use the paintings by John White to try and solve the mystery of the “Lost Colony.” There was three attempts to settle Roanoke. The first attempt was lead by Arthur Barlowe who took more than a hundred men with him to settle in July of 1585. They had a supply shortage and didn’t think the supplies would get to them in time, so they fled back to England in the summer of 1586. The second attempt was in 1585 and was chased away by angry tribes in 1586. The third attempt was lead by the governor of the new colony, John White, in August of 1587. White took 115 people, men, women, and …show more content…
His maps are being used to help figure out where things were. They are also being used to find when the “lost colony” could have once been. Theories that the colony could have eroded away are trying to be solved by using White’s maps and a GPR. The old maps were being compared to other maps, so that the researches knew what was new to the land and what would be there from after the “lost colony.” They needed to know what might be there from other places because the GPR searches thirteen feet underground for objects. They were hoping to find remains that would give them a big clue to what happened to the “lost colony.” After using the GPR nothing was found to give them any clues of there being something underground. Even after using maps, paintings, and technology there is still no further clues to what happened to the “lost colony.” There is only theories that keep people wondering and thinking about the unsolved mystery. The theories of disease, war, erosion, and new settlement still stay alive and keep the mystery

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