Confederate States Army

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  • How To Violate The Bridge

    I should have forbade him, maybe, just maybe Peyton would still be here if I had. In the off chance that he would hate me, at least he would still be here, my children would still have their father, and I would still have my husband. No matter how much he resented me for stopping him. I wouldn’t have taken it back for the world! That Scout played him like a banjo, he was an imposter, disguising himself as one of our own Confederate soldiers. He was a quick talker, a salesman, quick to the point and quick to sell. I just wish he hadn 't sold my husband. If I could have changed anything, I would not have hid behind those shrubs to listen in, maybe I would have just suspected Peyton had left me. In that case, at least I would have hope in my heart that he would eventually come home to me. Whereas now. I just feel an emptiness, and the worst part, is telling my daughters what happened. So no, Justice is not what this was, this was cold-hearted, rigged, Injustice, These people set up an innocent man, who was only looking to serve the cause he believed was right in his heart, and they took advantage of…

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  • Analyzing The Loss Of The Confederate Soldier's Life During The Civil War

    and slave states over the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in the territories that had not yet become states. The war was fought from 1861-1865, and it was the bloodiest 4 years in U.S. history. It started when the Confederates bombarded the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. The majority of the fighting took place in Virginia and Tennessee. The Union had about 2.1 million soldiers, and the Confederates had about 1 million soldiers fight for their victory. Approximately 260,000…

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  • What Are The Reasons For Robert E Lee's Failure

    After the battle, Robert E. Lee, retreated to Virginia on July 4th, 1863. His army was severely weakened, with about 28,000 captured, wounded, or killed. The Union army also suffered about 23,000 similar losses (Benson). Lee’s army withdrew to the southwest through a driving rain in a wagon train stretching 17 miles (Aines). During the retreat, Lee repeated his remarks at the failure of Pickett’s Charge: “It is all my fault, I thought my men were invincible.” Robert E. Lee offered his…

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  • James Longstreet: The Old Man

    attitude leaves Longstreet filled with questions and doubts. One of the crucial flaws that beset the Confederate Army was reconnaissance. Michael Shaara begins the book exposing…

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  • Why Did The South Win The Civil War

    South was not capable off against the Union forces. Despite most battles being close, the Union Army was still able to outnumber the Confederate Army. The Confederate Army lacked in numbers and committed…

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  • The Importance Of Confederate Leadership In The Confederacy

    Union’s resource superiority. Though it cannot be disputed that the Union had more men and resources, the idea of superior leadership in the Confederacy is not necessarily the case. Robert E. Lee typically embodies the image of a notable and successful Confederate general, however most Confederate generals—especially those stationed in the West—failed to mirror Lee’s military knowledge and success. Insufficient resources coupled with inefficient leaders eventually led to Confederate defeat in…

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  • Robert E. Lee's Tactics During The Civil War

    Lee was a General in the Confederate army and led the south in fighting the Union army in the American Civil War. He was a seasoned general, in fact, he could’ve even led the Union army if he took the offer up from President Lincoln. Before he decided to lead the south, he had thought long and hard because he didn’t really see a purpose for there to be a war centered around slavery. But with his ties to Virginia, he decided to go ahead and lead the Confederates in the Civil War. Robert E. Lee…

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  • The First Confiscation Act Analysis

    degree Butler’s contraband argument by authorizing the United States army to seize any slave used to aid the Confederate military. This however did not resolve the ambiguity of the status of the majority of enslaved people who now numbered in the thousands in and around Union army camps. The decision as to whether these people were free, property of the army, or to be returned to their masters was essentially left to the discretion of individual army officers. The 2nd Confiscation Act passed by…

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  • Confederate Cockoning Summary

    Confederate Reckoning Throughout time, historians have debated the reasoning behind the onset of the Civil War and who was really involved in the conflict. In her novel, Confederate Reckoning: Power and Politics in the Civil War South, author Stephanie McCurry presents her audience with a unique group to factor in to the events that helped lead to the outcome in the war. Many historians focus on the technological advancements and political elections involving white men in the war, but McCurry…

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  • Liar, Temptress, Spy Essay

    didn’t have money she still received a good education. Belle’s spy career started by chance, she never thought she would do it, especially being only 17 years old. One day some Union soldiers heard she had Confederate flags in her room and they…

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