How To Violate The Bridge

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We finally got a day alone together. After what seemed like years, the girls were off with their grandparents, and Peyton and I finally had a day for me and him. Little did I know, that day would be our last together. Northern Scouts claim that what they did to my husband was for the greater good, but when they set up my husband, sell him on it, and get him in on it thinking that they are in it with him, where’s the good there. He knew that Peyton couldn’t resist the urge to fight for the cause. This is the south, our ways cannot afford to change. I should have seen it coming, the soldier was too willing to tell Peyton how to sabotage the bridge. The Soldier was trying to get me away so I couldn’t protest to what they were talking about. As …show more content…
Peyton was interested the moment that the Scout brought up the railway, and only 30 miles away? Who could resist that? The Scout knew he had Peyton in the palm of his hand the moment he started showing interest in what he was saying, and Peyton started asking follow up questions. The Scout had setting up my husband perfectly planned out. He knew the: who, what, where, how, and when. They both knew why, so that wasn’t even in the question. Who? My husband to sabotage, and the Sentinel to distract so the demolition could be done. What? Burn the bridge down as the Scout suggested to him. Where? Owl Creek Bridge, that 's the easy one. How? Using the dried up lumber that’s been sitting out for the past year withering away in the sun. That was the Scouts suggestion. When? That night, sooner the better. That day was the last I spent with Peyton. He didn’t waste any time getting out there to serve his part in this …show more content…
I should have forbade him, maybe, just maybe Peyton would still be here if I had. In the off chance that he would hate me, at least he would still be here, my children would still have their father, and I would still have my husband. No matter how much he resented me for stopping him. I wouldn’t have taken it back for the world! That Scout played him like a banjo, he was an imposter, disguising himself as one of our own Confederate soldiers. He was a quick talker, a salesman, quick to the point and quick to sell. I just wish he hadn 't sold my husband. If I could have changed anything, I would not have hid behind those shrubs to listen in, maybe I would have just suspected Peyton had left me. In that case, at least I would have hope in my heart that he would eventually come home to me. Whereas now. I just feel an emptiness, and the worst part, is telling my daughters what happened. So no, Justice is not what this was, this was cold-hearted, rigged, Injustice, These people set up an innocent man, who was only looking to serve the cause he believed was right in his heart, and they took advantage of

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