Confederate States Marine Corps

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  • Marine Corps Responsibility Essay

    kind, at any level means someone either looks up to you, or they simply look to you for guidance. When you have people under you, or that you are in charge of, you have to be on top of things, know how to handle any situation, and if you do not know how to handle a situation, then know where you can find information on how to handle the situation. Marines past, present, and future all have had to and will have to take responsibilities for their actions. In some way, shape, or form we cannot just try and weasel our way out of a situation. Actively seek out challenging assignments for your professional development. Seeking responsibilities also means that you take the responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for all your unit does or…

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  • Surface Warfare Community Analysis

    The service assignment that I would most thoroughly enjoy serving in the Navy would be the Surface Warfare Community. I believe that the opportunity to work on an aircraft carrier would be awe-inspiring privilege. Throughout this essay, I plan on discussing the rich history of the surface warfare community, while touching on the main missions that drive this particular community. Surface Warfare Officers (SWO’s) are trained extensively to maintain and operate United States Naval ships, their…

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  • Racism Essay: Generation Kill By Ewan Wright

    kind of distance to these unknowing Marine soldiers who do not care about politic and culture. The use of allusion and distance taking is for an example shown when he talks on the case about former president, of the USA, Bill Clintons unfaithfulness with his secretary, which was a major scandal to his office, but to the soldiers it’s just some gossip story. “This is, after all the generation that first learned of the significance of the presidency not through an inspiring speech at the Berlin…

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  • Marine Corps Mission Failure

    merchandise that it produces. In the Marine Corps, understanding why we do what we do is what makes the big difference between mission success and mission failure. As Marines, we surround ourselves with like-minded people. Our Corps values of honor, courage, and commitment are instilled in us from day one of basic training. Marine leaders…

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  • Why Marines Are The Best

    For the past two centuries the Marines have made themselves an important part of the US military. Marines expect higher standards always being in shape and having a bond with other Marines making them family. The Marines have the dedication and motivation to push themselves past their own limits. This is what makes the marines different than the other military branches. Being a Marine is a serious life time commitment, those who earn the title of being a Marine are expected to act in a manner…

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  • Narrative Essay About Being Afghanistan

    Afghanistan: There were many challenges in the military but I am choosing to write about one scenario that made me realize what type of person I am. Even though I had struggle all through school, I was surprisingly good at being a Marine. Once I finished my first year in the military my parents grew to be pretty comfortable with the idea of me being in the corps. I think it is because they saw that I was finally growing up. In the Marine Corps they do not care about excuses and they definitely…

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  • Being A War Veteran Essay

    who fought in a war, they themselves don’t fully understand what I went through on a daily basis. Only your brothers in arms who were there with me understand the hardships that are brought on by being in a conflict zone and for that they will always be closer than those who have never been in a war. It was April 2009 when I shipped out to my first war, Operation Iraqi Freedom, I was eager to finally go do what I joined the Marines to do which was go to Iraq. Nearly 24 hours of flights and…

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  • Characters In A Few Good Men

    Santiago during 1986. These men are part of the United States Marines Corps in Guantanamo, Cuba. As part of the marines, the men are supposed to live by the marine code of defending their unit, God, corps, and country. Living by the marine code also means being honorable. In the play, Colonel Jessep’s morals and sense of honor are tested when he secretly orders a disciplinary action, called a code red, to Pfc. Santiago that accidently results in his death. Dawson and Downey were the marines…

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  • Stress In The Marine Corps

    stress and emotions varies in every profession. One of the careers known for having a lot of stress and mixed emotions is being a part of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps is part of the United State’s military branch, and are known for their discipline, strength, and willpower. I interviewed one of my brother’s closest friend, Miguel. He’s a former Sergeant in the U.S. Marines, who explained what emotions and stress a U.S. Marine deals with on a daily basis. The question is, how exactly does a…

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  • The Things They Carried Through The Vietnam War Literary Analysis

    Carried Through the War An estimated one million American soldiers died in the Vietnam War. The war was brutal, and even though I have not experienced war directly, I can imagine a persistent death awaiting each and every individual on the battlefield. It is his short story “The Things They Carried”, by author and writer Tim O’ Brien, that I believe truly illustrates the hardships and death of the Vietnam War and how they affected soldiers physically, spiritually, and mentally. To begin with,…

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