Marine Corps Responsibility Essay

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Seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions, what that means is that when you do something, make a decision, whatever it may be, take responsibility for them. Being a leader of any kind, at any level means someone either looks up to you, or they simply look to you for guidance. When you have people under you, or that you are in charge of, you have to be on top of things, know how to handle any situation, and if you do not know how to handle a situation, then know where you can find information on how to handle the situation. Marines past, present, and future all have had to and will have to take responsibilities for their actions. In some way, shape, or form we cannot just try and weasel our way out of a situation.
Actively seek out challenging assignments for your professional development. Seeking responsibilities also means that you take the responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for all your unit does or
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People in the civilian world often people don’t think that the military life can transfer over into the civilian life very easily, but honestly it can help in a lot of different ways. Something as simple as being the leader of your group or your office in the civilian world can be traced back to your military training. Promotions also can be a beneficial thing from bettering yourself as a Marine or as a serviceman in general. I personally know a SSgt that when he ended his active duty service, he went to his new job and simply made a board for keeping accountability of his workers at all times during the working day, and that with other accomplishments, led to his promotion to be the boss of his former boss. Honestly military training and seeking responsibility to better yourself can pay off in a lot of

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