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  • The Importance Of Innovation In Germany

    History shows that when faced with unpalatable choices and the reality of the environment-capability gap, leaders often cycle back to prior phases in the design process . The British Royal Navy confirmed this regression when they dismissed the findings of the 1924-1925 Newport simulations, which revealed superior advantage to carriers that could mass aircraft in repetitive pulses. Although, the Royal Navy lacked this capability, they discounted emerging doctrine from the US Marine Fleet Exercises and the Tentative Manual (1934), and presumed their flight deck configuration to be sufficient to achieve sea dominance. Similarly, when faced with a growing German threat, the French held steadfast to a curriculum of methodical war within their Command and Staff college. , Remarkably, even while the US, Britain, and Germany conducted numerous simulations in the 1920s validating wireless communication, mobile artillery, and decentralized command, the French held to the rigid belief that “le fue tue” (firepower kills doctrine) would…

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  • The War Of 1812: S Effect On America's Impact On The United States

    The War of 1812 made a huge impact on America 's identity as an independent and powerful nation. Before the war, Britain made no attempts to control America, or even communicate. The two nations lived separately in peace, with a few disturbances, but mostly no contact. However, when the Napoleonic Wars started in Europe, Britain needed more troops to be victorious against France. To solve this problem, Britain took advantage of America as if they were still under control, and captured any…

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  • Cause Of The French And Indian War

    One major cause for the French and Indian War was the creation of the Albany Congress. The Iroquois Confederacy was a strong coalition of several Indian tribes. This made them a valuable asset towards the British as having them as an ally could result in an easier victory over the inevitable war against the French. This coupled along with issues over governance produced the assembly. Overall this assembly was a complete bust as Britain was scared the committee would overpower the royal…

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  • Patriotism In The American Revolution

    In 1705 the British government not only removed all duties from such items, they paid an additional premium for their delivery in the form of a “Bounty”. While this allowed Carolina merchants to put their hands into the royal coffers, the increased production also powered the construction of the British navy. This is an interesting departure from the usual dialectic of trade between the colonists and the British…

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  • Trafalgar Analysis

    Trafalgar. “At close range… [the cannons] were devastating – they were nicknamed smashers” (Adkins, 76). A key component to this deadly weapon was its uncontested rate of fire produced by the flint-lock mechanism (Adkins, 104). This superiority in firepower was exemplified in many scenarios throughout the battle. The British broadside proved to be a major threat when the Royal Sovereign “unleashed a broadside into the stern of the Santa Ana” (Adkins, 108). This mighty display of superior…

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  • The Role Of Women's Roles In World War II

    conditions. Nothing stopped them from contributing to the war because they knew it was for a good cost. These crops were for the men that fought on the front line and also for their household so that they wouldn’t be hungry. Next the women that worked on the emergency services either drove the ambulance, worked in the aid station, worked on the police force, or fought fires in their country. These were jobs that women fulfilled almost better than the men even thought they wasn’t awarded for it.…

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  • Commodore Perry And The Battle Of Lake Erie

    The U. S. declared war on Great Britain, even though the Americans were no where ready for battle. Commodore Perry was assigned to four gun boats and was promoted to Master Commandant. The Americans heard the word that the British had assembled a small fleet on the upper part of the lake, so the Americans sent Oliver Perry to Lake Erie to from a fleet to fight the Royal Navy. Commodore Perry arrived on his first night on Lake Erie and found that his ships were not ready for battle against the…

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  • Consequences Of The War Of 1812

    They strongly believed that the seizure of ships and impressment of sailors were not valid reasons for declaring war. They also dramatized that a war would only hurt the US manufacturers whom relied on trade with Europe. In addition, the United States lacked a strong military and were simply not ready to fight the strongest navy in the world. Regardless, if America kept letting the British dominate them, then the British would continue to take their power further and gain even more control over…

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  • Legend Of James Madison: An American Legend

    James Madison: An American Legend James Madison truly led our country as president during the war of 1812 and he led ‘his’ nation against the British and canadian allies to help the nation not only reach peace but also propel our country to a prosperous future. After the British Navy abducted U.S. sailors and force them into their own Navy, Madison received a unanimous vote “79-49 for it in the House, 19-13 in the Senate.” Leadership can be defined as “The art of leading others to deliberately…

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  • Analysis Of Peter Colclanis's The Shadow Of A Dream

    system, which conforms to Max Weber’s concept that authority is seldom exercised in the absence of power. However, one must concede that Chet is far too extreme in his analysis. Agent activity on behalf of the South Carolina colony demonstrates that there is a clearly visible authoritarian structure at work in the British Atlantic world. Merchant requests for military aid and government enforcement of trade show at least a nominal confidence in the government’s ability to protect merchant…

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