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  • RSA

    Introduction RSA is a type of cryptography that is use for encrypting and decrypting of messages. It was created by Ronald L. Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard M. Adleman in the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RSA (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman) is named after the three inventors. RSA is still widely used for securing the confidentiality and authenticity of an e-mail. It is also use to secure communication through the internet. It is particularly useful when conducting e-commerce. Some of the security protocols that is using RSA is the SSL/TLS, SET, SSH, S/MIME, PGP and DNSSEC. RSA is a type of public key cryptography which is also known as asymmetric cryptography. Asymmetric cryptography uses a public key and a private key. This…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 7 Assignment 1

    reliable. Cryptographers then realized in order to send message securely without any meeting with that person they need different if they send a message to a person without any meeting they need different keys for encryption and decryption. This phenomenon further helped to invent asymmetrical encryption. In this method pair of keys is used. Anything is encrypted with one key is only decrypted with second key of that pair and vice versa. From these two keys one key is public key that is shared…

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  • Test And Security Evaluation Narrative Essay

    Any combination of the three elements may be used for authentication purpose. Secure transmissions are required when data transfer is required between the islands of security via an open sea. The communication channel between the secure environments is unsecure. The security goals can be met from time to time using encryption. There are three main types of classical encryption methods or ciphers: transposition, substitution and product ciphers. One of the well known and most widely used…

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  • Analysis: Decoding The Grimm Brothers

    Decoding the Grimm Brothers "Once Upon a Time" is a very common introduction to a fairy tale. Many fairy tales are well known by people throughout the globe. People may know these tales but they do not actually know what they mean. The Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales contain much symbolism and unique stylistic trends which have the ability to drastically change the meaning of each story that the brothers wrote. Some of these symbolic aspects include childhood innocence, justice and vengeance. A…

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  • Case Study: Moving Target Security

    threat actor and decrease any vulnerabilities for the defender. In the end, it is imperative that organization understand that no defense is impenetrable, but making yourself a harder target helps to minimize attacks. Quantum Cryptography Cryptography has been around for thousands of years and utilized for the transmission of secure communications between two or more individuals. However, with the emergence of quantum computing, these current cryptographic techniques might not be secure for much…

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  • The Counterfeit Coins Problem In Computer Science

    The Counterfeit Coins Problem is a well-known complex search problem in mathematics as well as in computer science. It can be related to the data structure (such as binary tree) computer program, algorithm, Graph Theory, Therefore researching this problem is meaningful. The Counterfeit Coins problem can be described as given a set of n look-alike Coins containing One Counterfeit which is a bit heavier or lighter than the genuine Coins. The objective is to find the Counterfeit Coins in minimum…

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  • Blockchain Essay

    Chapter 1 what is Blockchain? Basically, Blockchain is a system created essentially for the running of cryptocurrencies. Wikipedia defines a cryptocurrency as a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange and uses cryptography to secure all transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. An example of such cryptocurrencies is the bitcoin. In this article, we will understand the following: • Basic meaning of blockchain • What it comprises of • How it…

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  • Case Study Of Holmes/Scarpetta Project: The Valley Of Fear

    Holmes/Scarpetta Project- The Valley of Fear What discipline was involved? Digital Forensics (cryptology)- The process of encrypting messages and examining digital media forensically to find, analyze, and present facts and opinions. What was the equipment used? The ciphers represent the pages of previous editions of Whitaker's Almanack. The first number represented the page number in the Almanac. The second number, C2, was the column number on the page in the book. The numbers that…

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  • Differences Between Cryptography And Steganography

    1.1 Overview Cryptography is the science/practice of “writing in secret” (“crypto”= “secret, “graphy” = “writing”). Cryptographic functions are generally defined as algorithms or protocols, rules that govern how data is processed to turn plaintext (unencrypted data) into cipher text (encrypted data) [1]. Cryptography is a method of storing and transmitting data in a form that only those it is intended for can read and process. It is considered a science of protecting information by…

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  • Ideological State Apparatus And RSA, By Louis Althusser

    (ISA) and Repressive State Apparatus (RSA). In season 6 episode 24 of Grey’s Anatomy ISA and RSA are both used by multiple characters and both are also used in life or death predicaments throughout the duration of the episode. Ideological State Apparatus is described by Althusser as someone that operates out of persuasion. Someone not committing a crime because they feel that it is morally or…

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