Quantum entanglement

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  • Non-Markovian Coherence And Entanglement Transfer

    Referee’s Report JOSA B Manuscript ID 273944 PAPER DESCRIPTION In the paper titled “Non-Markovian coherence and entanglement transfer in a quantum version of Newton’s cradle”, Mu and co-author have presented the quantum analog of the classical Newton’s cradle. An array of couple cavities (coupled with a common Markovian and non-Markovian environment) with nearest neighbor hopping interaction between the cavities, has been selected as the quantum cradle. In the case of quantum cradle with Markovian baths, single exception transfer is used analogously to the energy and momentum transfer among the balls of the classical cradle. Besides few subtleties the authors have shown that single excitation energy transfer through the quantum cradle follows…

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  • Essay On Backwards Causation

    metaphysics, quantum physics, and even religion. In the case of religion, it pulls into question God’s divine foreknowledge, in other words omniscience. This is an attempt to reconcile the foreknowledge of God with the possibility of backwards causation. Thus if is it impossible to do so then the options present themselves as: God has no divine foreknowledge, backwards causation is impossible, or both are false. Since the last option may have to deal with other factors, we will not consider the…

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  • Is The Quality Of Journal In The Physical Review?

    Rev. A 88, 032317 (“Steady-state entanglement of two superconducting qubits engineered by dissipation“). (4) Please specify the superscript “m” mentioned on the 7-8th line in section II. (5) In the context of local feedback scheme (as mentioned just before Eq. 16), is there any condition on the photon detection also? If there are more than one photo-detection clicks required for this scheme then is your method takes into account the time-delay between the recording of more than one clicks…

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  • Importance Of Quantum Computer

    Most people know what computers are and how they work, but there is a special kind of computer that not many people in the world are aware of, that is Quantum Computers. So, you may ask “What is a Quantum Computer?”, well a quantum computer is not an ordinary computer because of many reasons, the…

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  • The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Experiment

    Introduction The concept of a spooky action at a distance, which describe the how an object could be affected, moved, or changed without being physically affected by another object, has raised different arguments throughout history. Some believe that action at a distance would describe all the uncertainties of quantum physics and would help us understand the unknowns of quantum mechanics. There have been varies experiments that support the claims of action at a distance and those who disagree…

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  • Case Study: Moving Target Security

    the attack for the threat actor and decrease any vulnerabilities for the defender. In the end, it is imperative that organization understand that no defense is impenetrable, but making yourself a harder target helps to minimize attacks. Quantum Cryptography Cryptography has been around for thousands of years and utilized for the transmission of secure communications between two or more individuals. However, with the emergence of quantum computing, these current cryptographic techniques might not…

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  • Albert Einstein's Firewall Paradox

    General relativity is fundamentally incompatible with quantum mechanics- they have been at odds with each other since its discovery in 1915- relativity breaks down at the subatomic level and vice versa. A conjecture by two physicists may finally reconcile relativity with quantum mechanics and put an end to the chain of inconsistencies began by Hawking’s information paradox. Albert Einstein first discussed the concept of quantum entanglement in a 1935 paper co-written with his colleagues Boris…

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  • Co-Presence In Cantor's Transfinite Summary

    As Russell reconstructs the idea of co-presence in the light of physics, mathematics, and cosmology, he appeals to the examples of non-Hausdorff manifolds and Cantor’s threefold concept of the finite, the transfinite, and the infinite in mathematics and to the non-locality of quantum mechanics. Thereby, he renders co-presence as an infinite fractal-like character. To be more specific, gleaning from Pannenberg the idea of the dialectical mutual indwelling of the finite and the infinite,…

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  • John Thompson And John Dalton: The First Atomic Model

    unstable atom is not true, otherwise we would not be here today. Therefore this model must be altered to fit our new understanding of the structure of the atom. This is where Niels Bohr’s Bohr Model comes into play. Unlike Rutherford’s Planetary model, the Bohr Model has placed strict restrictions on where the electron can and cannot go. Bohr found that the electrons will travel around the atom at discrete energy levels, never between. He determined that electrons are quantized, which means they…

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  • Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Analysis

    Ultrafast Electron Microscopy has been demonstrated to be an effective table-top technique for imaging the temporally-evolving dynamics of matter with subparticle spatial resolution on the time scale of atomic motion. A stringent enhancement of the UEM temporal resolution is demanded for recording snapshots of the electron motion which will provide a real-time access to all microscopic motions outside the atomic core and radically change our insight into the workings of the microcosm. Here, we…

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