Is The Quality Of Journal In The Physical Review?

1. Please summarize your assessment of the paper: YES MAYBE NO Does the paper contain enough significant new physics to warrant publication in the Physical Review? (X) ( ) ( )

Is the paper scientifically sound and not misleading? (X) ( ) ( )

Is the paper well organized and clearly written? ( ) (X) ( )

Are the subject matter and style of presentation appropriate for the Physical Review? (X) ( ) ( )

Is the length appropriate? (X) ( ) ( )

2. Please evaluate quality of Research and Presentation:
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Recommendation: ( ) Publish without change (please give reasons in report). ( ) Publish after authors have considered the optional revisions mentioned in the report. ( ) Publish after authors have made the revisions mentioned in the report. (I do not need to see the manuscript again.) (X) Revisions are necessary. Return to me on resubmittal. ( ) Revisions are necessary. On resubmittal, send to: (Use as much space as needed to list names of alternative reviewers.) ( ) Manuscript is more appropriate for another ( ) journal (specify): or ( ) section (specify): ( ) Do not publish; see report. ( ) Other; see report.
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Rev. A 88, 032317 (“Steady-state entanglement of two superconducting qubits engineered by dissipation“).
(4) Please specify the superscript “m” mentioned on the 7-8th line in section II.
(5) In the context of local feedback scheme (as mentioned just before Eq. 16), is there any condition on the photon detection also? If there are more than one photo-detection clicks required for this scheme then is your method takes into account the time-delay between the recording of more than one clicks (jumps)?
(6) Please comment further on the significance and experimental feasibility of M-type configuration of trapped atoms (as sketched in Fig. 1(b)). Meaning, what are the possible benefits of starting from M-type atomic configuration in your work? Why not to choose a “V” type configuration of the trapped atom/ion right from the start?
(1) On page 1, the second paragraph the authors wrote: “Cabello for practical use reasons introduced the N-particle N-level singlet state |S_N>”. It will better if the authors re-state this sentence for instance: “For practical applications, “Cabello introduced the N-particle N-level singlet state

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