Quality And Quality Of Quality

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The definition of quality. I would define quality as a dependable product or service that meets or exceeds ones expectations and standards. In regards to a product, one would expect that a quality product would be build with the best materials, the best design, and the greatest attention to details. One would also expect that a quality product would last. Similarly, one would expect that quality service would provide the best materials, and would pay the closest attention to the detail of the service that is provided. One would expect that quality service would be dependable and that the service would meets or exceeds ones expectation. In either case, quality at minimum would meet ones expectation. Our text book defines quality as, “The ability of a product or service to meet customer needs”. This is a very simple definitions on quality, and deferent than what I have defined quality as. The major difference being that my definition of quality addresses ones expectation of the product or service. In this definition of quality, if the product or service meets the customers need then it is a quality product or service. Our professor, Don Brecken, definition of quality is very similar to my own. He states, “Quality is an abstract state of excellence or goodness characterized by the extent to which discriminating consumers are satisfied with the particular product and/or service consumed.” In this definition satisfaction, like expectation, is a key component of

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