Importance Of Quantum Computer

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Computers are all around us in our daily lives, from our phones to our gaming systems to even our watches. Where ever you go there is a computer, even in traffic lights. But makes computers so special in our lives, well they help us communicate with people, they help us solve algorithms, they help us make money, they are used in education and many more interesting things. Without computers in the world, most of the things happening everyday would stop. Most people know what computers are and how they work, but there is a special kind of computer that not many people in the world are aware of, that is Quantum Computers.
So, you may ask “What is a Quantum Computer?”, well a quantum computer is not an ordinary computer because of many reasons, the
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We have the Kepler space telescope that is able detect distance planets and it has discovered about 2,000 confirmed planets outside our solar system. However, the Kepler can’t detect all planets because sometimes there are things that can cause issues, like exoplanets casting a shadow makes it hard for astronomers to make predictions about whether or not the atmosphere is suitable for life or not. That’s why quantum computers will help tackle more data in any given telescope view, spot more exoplanets, and help quickly identify which ones have the most potentials to harbor life. Also quantum computers could help uncover the exoplanets that Kepler missed during its first run through older images. I think that this is really amazing, because quantum computers will help increase the exploration of space that will increase of chances of finding habitable planets or even life out there. This is really important for mankind because we really don’t know where we come from so possibly quantum computers will be able to help us with that. Quantum computers are going to leap us ahead in space exploration like we’ve never been

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