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    1. The advertisement that I’ve chosen is the Audi R8 commercial, name “Commander.” The commercial starts off with many views of a nice house with many pieces of space memorabilia, including photographs of a certain man in space suits. It is to be believed that the man in the spacesuit is the person living here. During this section there is a voice over saying: “This has to be the proudest day of our lives.” It cuts to a morose old man refusing to eat any more of his near full dinner plate. One can tell that the old man is reliving his astronaut days and is wishing for a return. A very nice sounding car pulls in and you can see headlights, but they have decided to not show the car yet, letting the watcher only hear it drive up. A young man walks in and it is easy to tell that the man is the old astronaut’s son. The son says to his father: “Okay Commander, come with me.” This lets the old man know that this trip will have something to do with his old glory days. The two walk outside and the song ‘Starman’ by David Bowie starts playing. The view then cuts to a beautiful new gunmetal Audi R8. The son hands over the keys to his father, which the father takes with an excited, happy, and determined expression. While showing the father walk to the car, it cuts from him to a previous version of him walking onto a rocket destined for space. This use of cutting cements the idea that the old father driving the car for the first time is similar to him taking off in a rocket. A countdown…

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    About Red rooster Red Rooster is an Australian fast food restaurant chain which serves roast chicken. Since beginning its entryways in 1972 Red Rooster has become one of the biggest Australian worked junk food franchised restaurants, utilizing more than 7500 staff from in excess of 360 stores. Its headquarter in Balcatta, Western Australia. Red Rooster is prominent the whole way across Australia for their oven-roasted chicken which has been marinated for around 12 hours. There key to…

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