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  • An Essay About Quebec City History

    Quebec City in Canada is a city rich in both culture and history. The city itself is split into two parts, the old city and the new city. The old city is bordered in by an a fort that was once used for war and the new city surrounds the old. There’s beauty in the contrast of the two. New Quebec is all bright lights and businessmen while Old Quebec is brick roads and local shops. Quebec offers museums to explore, chocolate shops to be discovered, and bookstores to lose yourself in. Every morning inspires a new adventure in Quebec City. The history of Quebec lies in Old Quebec. Surrounded by Citadelle de Quebec, Old Quebec was used as a base during the American Revolutionary War. This isn’t the extent of Quebec’s history, however. This city is deeply involved in Canada’s long history with the United Kingdom. People visiting…

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  • Why Quebec Should Not Separate Canada

    Quebec has played a special role in French history of Canada. They spoke French in France, they feel that the way of living in France is still different from the North American mentality in Quebec. However, it doesn't mean that Quebec culture is exactly the different as the rest of Canada. I think it would be dangerous for them to do based on their history, traditionalism and their deep passion to do. Canada is at the reason why Quebec even existed. I think Quebec should not separate. Canada is…

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  • Ottawa Student Movement Analysis

    Student movements have been part of revolutionary changes throughout history. This year another student movement took place which will be a part of the revolution. This revolution began on the second of November, which was an action day for all students in Canada, in a campaign to protest the rising of tuition fees called Fight the fees. Eight thousand students gathered around the country in major cities, in important political spaces to raise awareness about the high-rising tuition fees. A…

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  • The English Connections Summary

    Through parentage - by the maternal great grandfather being wholly British and his paternal grandfather 's peccadillo’s and through geography - by proximity to the U.S. Border and its wealthier, land owning ex-Americans. The British great grandfather, Thomas Anthony Willis (b 1796, Windsor, Berkshire, UK) came to Granby, Quebec as a teenager just before the War of 1812 threatened British North America. With clear, strong feelings for England, he joined the Militia for the Township of Granby in…

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  • French Explorer And Navigator Samuel De Champlain Analysis

    Champlain went back to be incharge as its governor. By this time he was in terrible shape and his health was lacking him and he stepped down to retire in 1633. Champlain went back to die in Quebec on Christmas Day December 25th,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Conscription

    percent being Canadian. The French still disagreed with it, especially in Quebec where there were anti-conscription groups. Conscription was invoked by King and conscripted soldiers known as “zombies” were sent over seas to fight. The second crisis just made the relations in Canada worse but to a less extent than in WWI. The conflict between the French and English Canadians lasted throughout the decades to come and created a lasting scar in Canada’s diverse…

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  • Oka Crisis Analysis

    The media was not only against Indigenous people, but in the 1990s and before there was still a great amount of tension between the Franco-phones and Anglo-phone Canadians. “Robin Philpot argues in Oka: Dernier Alibi du Canada Anglais (Oka: English Canada's Last Alibi) that English-language coverage of the standoffs at Oka and Kahnawake was tainted by anti-Quebec,” potentially caused by the end of the Meech Lake constitutional accord (Wells, 1991). This accord was intended to persuade the…

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  • French Settlement In Canada

    ' crew succumbed to scurvy which resulted in Cartier leaving Canada for France the next year. Several years later in the early 1540 's, Cartier returned to the area he had last left and founded a colony. The colony was named Charlesbourg-Royal. This colony did not last long and the settlement in the New World by the French would not be fully completed until Samuel De Champlain would settle in Canada in the early 17th century. Like Cartier, Samuel De Champlain was another French voyager who is…

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  • Abolishing Senate In Canada Essay

    It’s time to change! Canada is a great developed country without a long history, but its culture is rich and various, beautiful scenery, people live with happiness and content, perfect social welfare and so on. But there are still some problems exist in the country, one of them is about should the senate still working as a decision-making place or it should be abolished. First, let’s go over why the old people set the senate. The senate has been found since 1862-the BNA act. That’s was also the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Toll-Gating

    is the offense of telling a false oath or of fabricating a statement to tell the truth. This can be in either writing or orally. An example of perjury occurring in politics is Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. The President lied while under oath which raised major concerns about his character. Patronage is using public funds to reward one’s political supporters for services decided or expected. Sponsorship affair was essentially a patronage scandal- the Liberal…

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