October Crisis

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  • The October Crisis: An Important Event In Canadian History

    The October Crisis marked an important event in Canadian history in which the tension between Quebec separatists and Canada (particularly the federal government) still carries on today. The FLQ was a group of Quebecois who strongly believed in the separation of Quebec from Canada and the enforcement of a “distinct society”. Because of this rebellious group, they committed many violent crimes and thus they were considered a group of terrorism. The extreme happened in December when they kidnapped James Cross and Laporte, later on killing Laporte. It was like a battle between the FLQ and prime-minster Pierre Trudeau (at the time) to show who is more capable of doing the extreme. Of course Trudeau had to control the situation and therefore he put in strict laws/acts such as the War Measures Act. The effect of that decision was great because there were many Canadians whom were totally against it and it led to numerous protests.…

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  • The October Crisis Analysis

    This paper will compare and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Dominique Clément’s “The October Crisis of 1970: Human rights abuses under the War Measures Act”, and Ross Lambertson’s “The Black, Brown, White and Red Blues: The Beating of Clarence Clemons”. Both articles are rich with facts and explore fascinating issues in Canadian human rights history. That being said, this paper will argue that Clément’s article is superior. Clément’s article is better organized with clearer diction and…

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  • Analysis Of The Handmaid's Tale

    The Handmaid's Tale It is a book by Margaret Atwood, a Canadian citizen. This was written by and issued in 1995. This story is set in New England in a totalitarian and Christian theonomy that overthrew the government of United States (Atwood, pg. 6). The novel entails the journey of the handmaid Offred, emphasizing on the possessive nature of Fred as handmaids are forbidden in using their names and echo the male or master that they serve. The tale explores the women themes of women in…

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  • The Three Main Causes And Consequences Of The Russian Revolution

    establishment of the Republic as the first president Alexander Kerensky. As the setting for the popular uprising against the monarchy was already prepared, as the revolution: the acute food crisis that caused widespread famine, especially in the capital, frequent and crushing defeats of the Russian armies in the war against Germany and the bloody repression ordered by the government. It was in this climate that the revolution broke out in the Russian capital and then spread throughout the…

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  • Gossip Girl Play Analysis

    laugh at the ridiculousness of it all without feeling jealous or demoralized by the wealth portrayed. This show portrays a lifestyle that audiences are entertained by, but it is not realistic enough to judge through a critical lens for the average viewer. In contrast, another article discusses how viewer’s perceptions of the show changed after the financial crisis hit in 2008, a year after the show premiered. This article references the New York Magazine article I examined above when it states…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

    Imagine the following disasters: Drought causing water shortages; Flood engulfing a whole city; Destruction left after a hurricane’s wake; Climate change due to carbon emissions; land restructuring due to rising sea level - hence, Hawaii. In a time of environmental crisis, how do we live right now? I do not have a concrete plan on how I will live within the time of environmental crisis, but I will explore my options and opinions on the matter. From acquired information, through media, articles,…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Social Media Reports Of A Natural Disaster

    Jim Scatterfield was quoted saying “misinformation in a crisis can be its own disaster and increase confusion” (“How” 3). Sometimes, information being reported can be misleading because it was posted too soon or it is just simply incorrect. Social media can also cause a harm to the country as a whole from terrorist groups. Mantel confirms that “[terrorists] find the internet appealing for the same reasons as everyone else does: it is cheap, easily accessible, unregulated, and reaches a…

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  • Product-Harm Crisis Paper

    Introduction: Product-Harm Crisis In 2009 the Toyota Corporation encountered a major public crisis. Recalls concerning faulty accelerator peddles which resulted in accidents and fatalities challenged Toyota’s reputation and dependability. The event with the fatal crash in 2009 that led to public outcry was the release of the 911 call that was made from the vehicle. Product-harm crisis occurs when an organization’s products are found to be flawed, unhealthy, or perilous. “The different types of…

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  • Character Analysis: My Brilliant Friend

    downs, once this beat flatlines it is a clear sign of death. Without an essential crisis in a person’s life, that takes them through ups and downs, one is no longer living. This is shown clearly through the…

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  • The Red Scare: The Fear Of Communism In America

    communism started all at once out of thin air would be incorrect. It was gradually boiling up starting with the Bolshevik Revolution. In the early 1900s, the Bolshevik Revolution broke out in Russia following the February Revolution. The February Revolution began with the removal of Tsar Nicholas II. The February revolution was a series of riots in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) essentially caused by Russia’s outcome in WWI. The Russian economy was failing and many citizens were starving.…

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