Pierre Trudeau

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  • Importance Of Pierre Trudeau

    Pierre Trudeau was the 15th prime minister of Canada and played a significant role in shaping what Canada is today. Pierre Trudeau was well known for his energetic personality and his key role in many controversial decisions. Pierre Elliot Trudeau proved to be Canada’s most influential prime minister, through his acceptance of diversity and ability to implement strong change for all Canadians. Pierre Trudeau had a big impact on supporting and forming a strong bond of multiculturalism of all ethnic groups in Canada. He also played a significant role in forming Canada into a bilingual country, showing how much he supported the French language just as much as the English language. There were lots of issues happening with Quebec wanting to be…

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  • Pierre Trudeau And Multiculturalism

    There are many extraordinary Canadians that made Canada the great country it is today. As the 15th Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau was one of those people. Pierre Trudeau’s beliefs in a strong, united Canada, his contributions in creating a culturally diverse society, created his legacy of creating a new sense of Canadian nationalism, which is what makes him the greatest Canadian. Pierre Trudeau always believed in a Canada that is strong and united, and this was a tricky thing to do,…

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  • Pierre Trudeau And National Identity

    Pierre Trudeau 's attempts to create a sort of "National Identity" during his first term, from 1968 to 1972, has resulted in much debate and controversy. Each of these works looks at Pierre Trudeau from a different historiographical viewpoint. The reason for this is because Trudeau, and his "nationalist" policies, affected every aspect of Canadian citizens’ lives. This was due to the fact that Trudeau was essentially trying, in creating these policies, to answer the question that the Canadian…

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  • Pierre Trudeau Was The Prime Minister Of Canada

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau was born on the 18th of October 1919 in Montreal, Québec, and was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada. Before Trudeau became a politician he worked as an assistant professor until he was elected as a new Liberal to the House of Commons (Pierre Elliott Trudeau, 22 Nov 2014). Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada from 20th of April 1968 to 4th of June 1979, and again from March 3 1980 to June 29 1984. Even after his death in 28th of September 2000 he is still known as…

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  • Why Is Canada A Great Prime Minister

    Have you ever wondered why Canada is so great? Or why Canada has free healthcare, social security, or unemployment insurance? Well, the answer is because our great prime ministers. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Great prime ministers that Canada has had include William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester B Pearson, and Pierre Trudeau. Canada has had several great prime ministers. Another great prime minister of Canada is Lester B Pearson. Lester B Pearson is a politician, statesman,…

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  • How Did Trudeau Impact Canada

    making a comeback since way back in 1968. Canada’s current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is currently the headline for many newspapers all throughout Canada. However, the man whose footsteps Trudeau followed were his father’s, who was also Canada 's fifteenth Prime Minister. Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau was an extremely well known Prime Minister for Canada. He inspired many Canadians and rebuilt the nation. Trudeau has greatly impacted Canada during his sixteen years as Prime…

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  • Pierre Trudeau's Influence On Canada In The 1960s

    optimism was again reaching the peak, many Canadians were ready for a new modern style in their Prime Minister. In 1967, many Canadians believed that they had found it in the new Federal Liberal Party leader, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. This modern charisma hit Canada with the rise of Pierre Trudeau, who was a new type of Canadian politician. He touched the lives of many Canadians; inspiring them to believe they were capable of achieving several things. Trudeau’s triumphs impacted…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    to replace the Avro Arrow after Diefenbaker had cancelled its project. In 1958, in association with NORAD, Canadian Prime Minister John Diefenbaker agreed with the US to deploy 56 American Bomarc missiles along the Canadian – American Border in order to protect North America against any nuclear attacks by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Diefenbaker could not decide whether they should fit the missiles with nuclear warheads and they called for an election in 1963 where the Liberals had…

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  • Effects Of Multiculturalism

    Multiculturalism act of 1971 The world views Canada as a multicultural and diverse country, but Canada was not always like this. Before Canada became a diverse country, it was a biased country. The people living here were discriminated because of their ethnicity and colour. People weren’t allowed to do things other people with different ethnicity can do. The white Canadians had rights that others did not have. The 1971 multicultural act happened because of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, changed the way…

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  • The October Crisis: An Important Event In Canadian History

    important event in Canadian history in which the tension between Quebec separatists and Canada (particularly the federal government) still carries on today. The FLQ was a group of Quebecois who strongly believed in the separation of Quebec from Canada and the enforcement of a “distinct society”. Because of this rebellious group, they committed many violent crimes and thus they were considered a group of terrorism. The extreme happened in December when they kidnapped James Cross and Laporte,…

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