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  • The Importance Of Classroom Participation

    Susan Cain in her book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Won’t Stop Talking” writes, “There’s zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” This idea is especially relevant in today’s school systems where so much pressure is put on classroom participation. In recent years the question has been posed of whether or not grading based on classroom participation, which has been the norm in many classes for years, is really the best way to engage students. There are many problems with grading participation, the main issue being that, with the recent influx of research done on the differences between introverted and extroverted learners, it has become apparent that grading for something as subjective as classroom participation may not be the best method to obtain a clear overview of how competent a student is in a particular subject. There is also the question of whether it could be considered ethically sound to force students to do something they may be uncomfortable with regardless of apparent benefits. Because of the subjective definition of what participation entails as well as the inherent bias that favors more extroverted students, grading for class participation is not the most accurate way to create involvement in the classroom and asses how competent a student is. One issue with grading based on classroom participation is that many different views exist as to what participation entails. Because the definition of what…

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  • Compare And Contrast Extraverted And Extroverts

    The Department of Psychology at Carlton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada have used their research data that was back up by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to test their hypothesis that “predict affective forecast”. For example, extraverted people would would much strongly prefer extraverted behavior, whereas introvert people would predict more of a positive affect for introverted behavior compared the extraverts. The Department of Psychology did five studies for…

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  • The Extrovert Epidemic Analysis

    A few months ago I appeared on the fantastic youth ministry podcast 'The Longer Haul ' to talk about ministering to introverted students. This is an issue that keeps coming up, and I think represents one of the fundamental missteps youth ministry can take. For those of us who prefer reading to listening, I 've taken some of my key thoughts from the podcast and written them up here as notes. Enjoy! The Extrovert Epidemic Much of our youth ministry is focused towards the extrovert, which…

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  • Adoption And Un Desirable Children Analysis

    American children” (Kim 2007:372). Kim states that to understand how these preferences for white or “white-looking” children over African American children, we must first understand that the majority of parents who adopt using formal, legal adoptions are white and are typically experiencing fertility issues. This is not to say that African American parents do not adopt or use formal, legal adoptions. Many African American families use “kinship adoptions” which are not labeled as legitimate…

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  • Female Sexual Scripts In Hip Hop Culture

    reinforce stereotypes about young black women. Stephens and Few describe how from hip hop emerged “the Diva, Gold Digger, Freak, Dyke, Gangster Bitch, Sister Savior, Earth Mother, and Baby Mama unique sexual scripts” (Stephens, Few 51). The Diva refers to a black woman who appears independent but relies on men to boost her social status. The Gold Digger refers to a black woman who uses sex to gain material and economic rewards. The Freak refers to a black woman who “decides to forego financial…

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  • Culture Of Silence Analysis

    United States. The Negation Rule is the method used to exclude certain groups that are classified as inferior. This distinction allows the preferred group to name the lesser group, therefore, indicating a form of separation. This report will show that the motive is to discriminate against the group so named and deny access. In addition, this discrimination is to delay the movement of that so named group, and family members out of obscurity to being recognized by the most favored group. For by…

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  • Freedom In Their Eyes Were Watching God

    Living a life fighting for one’s freedom to express themselves can be seen in the eyes of others as traitorous. This novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God,” was written, by Zora Neale Hurston in 1937. In this book, Hurston discusses the existence of freedom in life and the overcoming challenges that come with it. The author uses differentiation in gender sexuality between males and females. During the novel it is showing the way to achieve fulfillment is by ignoring society’s pigeonholing and…

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  • Examples Of Upward Social Mobility

    see you as their equal (Hansen, 2017). It is a gateway to intentional and hurtful racism and superiority and inferiority complexes. Discrimination on the other hand is the practice of treating people unfairly and unequally based on their race (color), religion, or even ethnic background. Finally, racism refers to prejudice, discriminatory treatments directed to a person based on a belief in the superiority of one race over the other (Hansen, 2017). Ideologically, the practices of racism are…

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  • Cause Of Social Inequality

    the kids of a lower class are often subject to bullying from upper class kids if they are the minority of their school. Lower class kids also have things that pull their attention and time away from school, such as needing a job to help support their family, worries about their next meal or where they will be living next month, or taking care of their siblings. These three factors are very prevalent in David Grazian’s On the Make, Victor Rios’s Punished, and Kenneth Gould and Tammy Lewis’s Ten…

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  • Fight Club 2005 Analysis

    Let me explain, she writes an exaggerated version of herself for The Mindy Project, which is fine, but I feel that she’s pigeonholing herself. She says she’s not her character, but it’s pretty much her with a few traits added, overstated, and withheld. Lena Dunham does the same thing. Writing yourself in any sort of way is easy, and she’s never challenged herself to do something different. In that sense, I feel her characters are kind of one-note. She’s the funny girl, where is the other side of…

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