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  • Definition Essay-What Is Art?

    itself truly exemplifies all the remark creativity put into this game, inserting a hidden message and establishing its own ground as a piece of “art.” Take, for instance, “Pikachu” in a general aspect of Pokémon. Before Pokémon Go, you probably did not care for the likes of any Pokémon games. Perhaps they weren’t your taste or your parents never could afford to buy you one when you were younger. The point is [Rule #2], Pikachu, [Rule #4] which everyone must at least know of, [Rule #4] depicts the all-influential figure of the game, [Rule #1] for it is adorable, [Rule #3] cute, and relatable for viewers alike. When the Pokémon company first started out, they needed to choose the appropriate character to represent its name, and Pikachu was chosen as its mascot. The reasons is that unlike all the other Pokémons, whether more powerful or weaker, youngsters who played the game found more of an attraction to this furry, adorable yellow electric mouse. Upon being asked, “Pikachu is sort of marginal in the game. But it 's now the best-known character. How 'd that happen,” Pokémon-creator Satoshi Tajiri replied, “When they did the anime, they wanted a specific character to focus on. Pikachu was relatively popular compared with the others and potentially both boys and girls would like it...” (Tajiri 1). In essence, Pikachu is the “art” to Pokémon, blossoming its rise to fame and glory over past two decades as its well-known icon. As you walk around in public playing Pokémon Go, you…

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  • Pokemon Research Paper

    and even smaller nose, brown eyes, two red circles on its cheeks and short forearms with five fingers on its paws, with three toes on its feet, and lightning bolt-shaped tail. It cuts to the father and son and the father whispers “You can do that.” It zooms in on the boy’s eyes as they get wide the words “TRAIN ON. ™ ” appear In white lettering over his eyes. Then the screen cuts to black with that rodents head and instead of two red circles a red 2 and red 0 replace the two red circles. Under…

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  • Short Story: Never Piss Off Pikachu !

    Omake #1: Never Piss Off Pikachu! Cardin glances down at a familiar, yellow rodent as he squeaked innocently at the Huntsman. The arrogant teen smirked smugly. "How cute, a mutated rodent wants to take me on? Ha! Don’t make me laugh." The Pokémon glared sharply at his cocky attitude. "How about you run along you oversized battery charger before I sick my pet cat on you. Or better yet, do me a favor and charge my Scroll. I could always need a backup charger." An anime vein throbbed on the…

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  • Essay On Pokemon

    Pokemons going on an adventure. The protagonists are Ash, a human being and Pikachu, Ash’s first pokemon that he travels with forever. The series is about Ash trying to become the strongest Pokemon trainer in the pokemon world. I was scrolling through the internet when I saw a very unique thread. Reddit user Rand0mSynth3sis had created a theory of Pikachu…

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  • Halloween Costume Ideas

    People, regardless of age, are everywhere catching as many pokemons as possible, especially Pikachu. Pikachu, notably the most popular pokemon of the bunch, is an electrifying pokemon with a personality unlike any other pokemon, making it the perfect Halloween costume. Conquer Your Neighbor as Daenerys Targaryen Game of Thrones is a riveting television series that’s quite popular. One of the most popular characters in the series is Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons. Although Daenerys has so…

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  • Math Lesson Observation

    student read the problem inconsistently which negativity affected his understanding of what was happening. Since he didn’t know what was going on in the problem. He decided to use addition to solve the problem, which was the incorrect mathematical procedure. Since the student thought that the problem was an addition problem (6 +4= 10), he could not identify the different parts of the equation. The student was able to correctly solve the addition problem but addition was not the correct way to…

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  • The Pokémon Go Phenomenon

    The Pokèmon Go phenomenon has since come and gone, as do most fads. The popularity of the game has died down significantly, however, the game’s creators have been updating the game in hopes of reeling back in those who once spent hours walking around town in search of a Pikachu. Although some Baby Boomers and Generation X may view Pokèmon Go as just another video game that is turning millennial brains into mush, it actually has a number of qualities that make it more than "just another video…

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  • Hikigaya Hachiman Analysis

    I would have stay the same way I was before. For example, one time I’ll try committing suicide because I already had enough with everything on my plate. I wanted to give up on life but seeing Naruto it actually help me get through with my life. Now I’m going to college achieving my goal to be involve with criminal justice. Of watching anime I’ve been cosplaying it’s one of my hobby. Cosplaying is dressing up from anime character and go to anime convention. For example, I’ve been to Comic con,…

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  • Advertising: What Is The Secret Of Persuasion?

    is trying to associate their product with heroism, as the young boy is able to protect the average millennial from being swindled by the malicious ads. Another strategy used by the company is logos, exemplified when they flash through all the browsers their product can be used on, showing that their product is applicable for any website, and therefore anyone who uses the internet. When the word “ads” is switched with the word “evil,” the company makes a generalization that all ads are evil…

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  • Doraemon, By Cartoonist Hiroshi Fujimoto's Mystra

    programs in 1994. It was at most street-corner bookstand and sold affordably and illegally for kids. In addition, A Javanese newspaper reported that Javanese children today are crazy about Doraemon. Most South East Asia countries have been obsessed with Japanese cartoons. In 2008 Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura appointed Doraemon as a first anime ambassador for Japan to harness the power of pop culture in diplomacy. " The novel decision as an attempt to help people in other countries…

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