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  • The Dangerous Myth Of Grade Inflation By Alfie Kohn

    should focus more on their academic knowledge in education. Alfie Kohn, the author of “The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation”, describes students are losing the focus and knowledge of what the opportunities are provided for them to pursue in education. In agreement, the loss of academic knowledge continues to plague high school students as they prepare for college. With enormous amounts of study work, students become stressed out and nervous to study for their tests and exams. Students must finalize their studies from their institutions and teachers during their short time in…

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  • Poor Teaching Poor Children

    Alfie Kohn, the author of “Poor Teaching for Poor Children…In the Name of School Reform,” is also the author of many other books regarding education and human behavior. His article, published in Education Week magazine, discusses his belief that standardized tests justify sub-par teaching methods and that they are counter-productive in closing the education gap between urban and middle-class students. Although no reader will disagree that poor children should suffer sub-par teaching, certain…

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  • Analysis Of William Glasser: Discipline Guided By Choice Theory

    According to Kohn, if student are allowed to learn what they want to when they want to they will have no reason to misbehave. In respect to a standard based classroom in 2016, the most useful aspects of Kohn’s theory is it takes students ideas and thoughts into consideration. The downfall of Kohn’s theory are that there are no consequences in place if misbehavior were to occur and the teacher does not have 51% of the power in the classroom. Personal Philosophy of Discipline My name is Jess…

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  • Is Homework Essential

    centered around the issue of students receiving homework and whether or not it is fair. According to Martha Brockenbrough in “Support Your Kids By Letting Learning Happen” and Erika A. Patall in “Help Children Form Good Study Habits”, students should have homework and parents should allow them to make mistakes, its part of the learning process. They shouldn’t be there to do the homework but to teach good study habits. H. Richard Milner wrote the article “Not All Students Have Access to Homework…

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  • No Proven Benefits By Alfie Kohn

    If there’s a school, then there’s homework. When will we get rid of this stuff? Because there is no proven benefits, harm is done to these kids, and it results in lower grades. Schools should just completely stop giving out homework. We should be done tormenting kids with homework. According to, “No Proven Benefits” by Alfie Kohn, there really are no benefits. Kids get so frustrated by their homework that they get exhausted and are forced to miss after-school activities. This is unfortunate…

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  • My Long-Range Curriculum Map Analysis

    curriculum map was designed for 3rd grade math. When I originally designed this map, math was entirely outside of my comfort zone. I did fairly well at math in elementary school; however, I have tried to help my younger brother with his math since then and I no longer excel in it. This affected my ability to feel confident when designing the units. Fortunately, this did help my perspective as an educator because I can understand how some students might struggle. Nonetheless, reflecting on my…

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  • The Importance Of Classroom Participation

    grades that make up a too large portion of a student’s final grade. When a grade is large enough that students who do not understand subject material but talk a lot in class are achieving the same marks as students who have a good grasp of the content but struggle with speaking up, the grade overall does not show an accurate representation of a student’s proclivity for a subject (Klein). Another potentially detrimental example of class participation is the use of ‘cold-calling’ in the classroom.…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Character Education

    a powerful role in a person 's life. I do not believe that character education programs in school will help to create socioeconomic equality, as it will not change the economic status of a student as parents income and education play a more important role in how a child is influenced at home; Also the surroundings that a person is raised in plays a crucial role on a person 's character. An article by Alfie Kohn contradicts the idea of having character education programs in school, as it will…

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  • Persuasive Essay Against School

    Students have become accustomed to associating themselves and their value as a student with their grades. The writer and teacher Alfie Kohn, noticed when teaching at a high school that some kids suffered existential vertigo when they were no longer graded. At early ages students are pitted against each other to earn the highest grade. This ruins the environment, making school a modern day coliseum with adolescent gladiators. It also makes it hard for the teacher to develop a positive…

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  • Successful Growth Mindset: Key Factors And Changed By Carol Dweck

    Successful Growth Mindset In an article written by Carol Dweck, she states her beliefs on how praising people for their work is a huge key to success, she ignores other key factors that might actually hinder you from a successful growth mindset. And in an article written by Alfie Kohn and she states how there are other factors such as your home life, relationships, and you and your families’ health. See Dweck talks about how all you need is praising to succeed, sometimes people have so much…

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