The Dangerous Myth Of Grade Inflation By Alfie Kohn

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Downside of Grades
“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education,” Mark Twain once stated. Mark Twain’s quote should be implied on education today, where students should focus more on their academic knowledge in education. Alfie Kohn, the author of “The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation”, describes students are losing the focus and knowledge of what the opportunities are provided for them to pursue in education. In agreement, the loss of academic knowledge continues to plague high school students as they prepare for college. With enormous amounts of study work, students become stressed out and nervous to study for their tests and exams. Students must finalize their studies from their institutions and teachers during their short time in
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Kohn states “The meaningful contrast is not between an A and a B or C, but between an extrinsic and an intrinsic focus” (Kohn). By understanding the standards, students can study to their extent as they follow the rules and standards from their school. However, if the standards are unknown to the students, then they cannot perform successfully on exams. Lower standards and higher grades does not come fair to the students, giving the highest grade to anyone in any subject even if they do not put any effort into the assignment (Kohn). Teachers need to recognize the effort and work each student puts into their assignments. Rather than forcing information into their brains in short periods of time teachers need to gradually ease into each chapter over an extended amount of time and make sure that each student fully understands the assignments and content (Kohn). Although schools want to keep moving on with their curriculum, teachers need to understand that if a few students do not understand the content, then they will become one of many students unable to successfully attend college after graduation. Therefore, it is important for teachers to help the students with managing their information and …show more content…
Students need to prepare properly for college, the highest peak in their life where they can find a career for their future. However, with the academic standards changing, it is hard for them to successfully attend college and choose their degree. Students start to lose precious time by wasting it on tests that only challenge their knowledge for a chapter in their textbook rather than challenging their knowledge. Therefore, academic institutions need to help students build onto their knowledge and prepare them for college rather than simple standard tests or chapter

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