The Anti Intellectual Environment Of American Teens Essay

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Bauerlein, Mark. "The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens - Education Next." RSS. President & Fellows of Harvard College, 23 Apr. 2009. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.
Throughout the article, The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens, Mark Bauerlein states that even with the rise in college attendance rates, the standardized test scores or the student knowledge is not increasing. Though students are passing the AP exams and more people taking those classes, students should be broadening their knowledge and skill, but are not. This increase is not occurring as students are treating schoolwork as a daily chore that they can be rid of in the future. From the statistics, the students are not raising the bar for education as they believe that they would not need any information from school, unless it was their area of interest. Mr. Bauerlein references to the movie, American Teen, to show that these students are fixed on a path for college, but do not give much effort to their goals, proving their immaturity.

It is true that students could not care less for certain subjects that they take in high school because it is mandatory, but they put in the effort to get the grades they need to survive in the highly competitive society the youth lives in today. When they study intently for a subject, it is difficult to be free of that information as it is ingrained in their brains, It could be the fact that the knowledge and skill level is stagnant because of the method in…

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