The Anti-Intellectual Environment Of American Teens: Article Analysis

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Bauerlein, Mark. "The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens - Education Next." RSS. President & Fellows of Harvard College, 23 Apr. 2009. Web. 01 Dec. 2015.
Throughout the article, The Anti-intellectual Environment of American Teens, Mark Bauerlein states that even with the rise in college attendance rates, the standardized test scores or the student knowledge is not increasing. Though students are passing the AP exams and more people taking those classes, students should be broadening their knowledge and skill, but are not. This increase is not occurring as students are treating schoolwork as a daily chore that they can be rid of in the future. From the statistics, the students are not raising the bar for education as they believe
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When they study intently for a subject, it is difficult to be free of that information as it is ingrained in their brains, It could be the fact that the knowledge and skill level is stagnant because of the method in measuring or calculating the intelligence levels of high schoolers. The author claims that the students only care about grades and admissions because that has become the mentality peers and parents place in the youth’s mind, which leads to the competitive society mentioned …show more content…
Due to the increased technological availability to student around the globe, information is now not as difficult to find and students no longer have to talk to their college professors over a quick Google search. But, even then, students are still attending college in mass quantities because they all need jobs, and almost every stable company requires a college degree to be an employee. Now, even a normal, middle-class income can be earned with softwares such as Amazon, for self-publishers of novels, or Youtube, for video recognitions. Though the author concedes that self-employment is not a safe bet for future financial needs, it would soon become a necessity because of the increase in college tuition and stagnant income

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