Why Students Fail In College Essay

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Today education is the most important part of our life because it not only increases knowledge, but also gives a better living. All the money making jobs requires highly qualified people with skills. Every fall, many freshly high school graduates enroll in college, with big dream and to achieve their goals. However, numerous students fail in college due to several reasons. There are many reasons why students fail in college some of them are: lack of motivation, wrong choice of major, lack of time management, and lack of preparation in high school.
Lack of motivation is the first main reason of students failing in college. Students don’t like to work hard; they can’t concentrate and thus gave up easily. Students think that college is going to very similar to high school and don’t realize that the amount of work necessary to succeed in college is much more than of high school. They think that teachers will remind them for their homework and tests, but they don’t know that in college it doesn’t work like that. Everyone in college is on their own and has a complete choice whether to study for class, or just leave it till
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Usually, students in high school don’t think about going to college until senior year. Students should plan ahead if they would like to attend college or not. If students want to attend college they should take challenging classes like AP or dual credit. These classes’ help students prepare for college. Students have a habit of not being responsible and when they get to college, they are not use to of what college is all about responsibility, time management, and hard work. Also, many students don’t have self confidence. They have a fear of failure. They should overcome this by not procrastinating and meet deadlines. Students don’t have a learning habit developed in high school, while in college the way of learning and studying is very

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