Fail To Prepare Students For College Essay

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Parents send their children to school five out of seven days in a week and one-hundred eighty days a year for twelve consistent years. This creates a chance for many high school students to attain the basic education before entering the workforce or continuing to higher education such as university colleges. Although students spend four years preparing for college in high school, students only learn the basic knowledge they need to succeed in college. Also, high school teachers are too lenient with assignments by letting students turn in late assignments while receiving full credit. High school does not properly prepare students for college because students lack decision-making skills, effective studying skills, and responsibility that many undergraduates must have to become successful in college. …show more content…
Students receive multiple assignments during one week. If a student misplaces or forgets to turn in an assignment it will be marked as late, but some teachers will be lenient enough to let the student turn it in for full credit. From personal experience, I have seen multiple students turn in an assignment that was late because the teacher had a procedure called, a petition. A petition is used when a student forgets to turn in an assignment before the deadline because they did not finish. This presents an opportunity for students to receive full credit for an assignment even though they did not meet the deadline. However, undergraduates do not have the same opportunities that most high school students have when turning in a late assignment. If an undergraduate turns in a late assignment, the professor will be less lenient in letting them turn it in because the deadline was already set. High school teachers fail to prepare students for college because teachers are too lenient with the deadline of assignments compared to

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