Unpreparedness In College

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In today’s society our education system is struggling greatly with certain things. Most importantly, high schoolers are going in to college on their first day and being completely unprepared and unsure of what to expect. Teachers are not getting their students ready for all the possible difficulties college can bring. This issue needs to be solved so that students do not have to risk the possibility of not graduating on time. In order to fix this problem of unpreparedness heading into college we must start challenging students more and start being more accountable for students. Today, high schoolers are experiencing many problems with being unprepared when arriving on to campus on their first day of college. Schools are not preparing their …show more content…
People think that they can go to college and get away with never studying and not doing homework but that is not the case. Some students are arriving on their first day of college being forced to take classes that are too easy for them simply because they happened to test in to a lower class than they should have because they were not as good of a test taker but could do fine in every other aspect of school. Others are taking classes that go at their pace but these students thinks they can goof off and not pay attention and still pass the class. In the article “Playing Catch Up,” Paul Bradley says, “Yet for large numbers of community college students who arrive on campuses each fall unprepared for college-level work…”(Bradley). Our education system does not seem to be valuing how mandatory it is for students to be prepared for college. Students cannot show up to college and not know a single thing, they need to have some sort of idea of what to expect. The reason our students are unprepared is because teachers are not caring enough, they just want their students to pass and graduate so they make it easy on them. Teachers do not have to make their classes extremely difficult and fail their

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