Trudeau And Reeves Analysis

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Colleges will have to devote additional expenditures for students if the college has an “open door” policy. “Open door” policies make it more affordable for people who want to attend college. Even if the student is intimidated by all of the difficult criteria the college offers, enrolling in an open door policy college would still be cheaper. According to NCSALL, “By keeping the doors to higher education wide open, community colleges have accepted the responsibility for educating all their students, including those who are not ready to do college-level work. Almost all community colleges offer remedial classes in math, English, and writing. Community colleges now serve more than 10 million students a year.” I think by colleges offering easy …show more content…
I think both Trudeau and Reeves believe that college students do not understand how important a college education is. Another point both of these authors think is that college is not for everyone and that every person should not have the right to attend any college that they please. Some colleges spend more money on remedial classes for students, because those students do not put any effort into their education to eventually make the world a better place. Trudeau and Reeves make a major point in both of their essays that are similar. Both Trudeau and Reeves believe that even though students attend class, some of them do not put in the additional time and effort to make the class beneficial for them. Some of these points being that some college students do not read outside of class to know what will be talked about or reviewed during the next class period. I believe many students who do not attend class and are tardy because they care could care less if they go to college and earn a degree. I think the majority of students are expected to go to college from their parents, relatives, and other people in their community when all they really want to do is have fun, make new friends, and make their own decisions without being told what to do. Some of these students who have been told what they can and cannot do throughout their lives are the students who rebel the most in college. Parents have expectations for their children and that is to attend college, earn a degree, and make a living for their future. Not all students care to do this right after they get out of high school. This might take a while for students to realize that they might need a degree for the career they want to go into. Eventually the student will get up off their feet and want to make a superior life for themselves and other people, but realizing this takes longer for some people than it does for others. If some students were

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