Analytical Summary: Freshman Myth By Dr. Harke

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Analytical Summary: “Freshman Myth”
Dr. Harke published article on news and blog website “Huffington Post Los Angeles” on June 11, 2011. Harke wants parents and students who are at the end of the road of their k-12 education to be aware that college may not be what they think it is and wants to save students from disappoint because they wasn’t as ready as they thought they were.
In the first paragraph, Dr. Harke talks about the excitement the graduating seniors feel as they complete their journey of k-12 education. Then he gets on the subject of why so many of those seniors dropout or flunk out of college, he explains that the students are “overly optimistic and confident” (Harke para 2) and which causes them to come to college with these
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That makes it hard for students to adapt to their new environment. Harke goes on saying how based on his observation the difference between successful and unsuccessful first-year college students is that the students who are successful have “dug deep enough to understand the realities of college,” (Harke Para 8) which made then set realistic expectations for themselves and because of that they are more prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. He believes that “you grow through experience,” (Harke para 9) but the transition from high school to college is very important. So it’s best you give it more attention if you haven’t already, he wants the parents and students who plan on attending college to try to prepare themselves as early as possible so you’re transition will be a lot smoother. If you’re one of those seniors who’s about to graduate and haven’t really prepared for it or even a first-year freshman it’s never too late to start now. Harke has also given questions you can use to start preparing yourself now just in case you might not know where to start off, such as “long and short term goals both academically and personally” and

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