Analytical Summary: Freshman Myth

Analytical Summary: “Freshman Myth”
Dr. Harke published article on news and blog website “Huffington Post Los Angeles” on June 11, 2011. Harke wants parents and students who are at the end of the road of their k-12 education to be aware that college may not be what they think it is and wants to save students from disappoint because they wasn’t as ready as they thought they were.
In the first paragraph, Dr. Harke talks about the excitement the graduating seniors feel as they complete their journey of k-12 education. Then he gets on the subject of why so many of those seniors dropout or flunk out of college, he explains that the students are “overly optimistic and confident” (Harke para 2) and which causes them to come to college with these
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He wants you to know that this can happen to anybody regardless of how successful you was in high school. He states that it’s common sense they institutions should be preparing these first year students in advance, but gives us data on why things aren’t going as well as they should be. For k-12 education there has been budget cuts which “affects the ability for many high schools to provide college-bound students with the tools needed for a successful transition.” (Harke para 4)
Because of budget cuts many counselors lack the support needed to help the students in need guidance, he gives more data showing the counselor-to-students ratio is greater than 1:900 in the California Department of Education. Therefore, “Counselors can’t prepare high school seniors for the academic, social, and personal challenges associated with transitioning to college.” (Harke para 6) This issue has been notice and many colleges are trying to help these first-year students by getting them to “set more realistic expectations,” (Harke Para 7) but since these programs takes place on campus it’s already too
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Harke makes a very good point about why a large amount of first-year college students dropout, but also argues why this isn’t entirely the students fault. By showing us data from other institutions and also from his own observation, supports the reasons he gives on why a great amount of students aren’t as successful in college as they should be. The purpose of this article is to inform and prevent the future first-year freshman from making the same mistakes so many other students made prior to them. Hopefully by writing this article many parents and students are more aware that this college transition isn’t as simple compared to transitioning from middle school to high school. He believes every student has what it takes to make it through college, It’s going to be more challenging so preparing for it in advance will really do you good in the long

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