Analysis Of Making The Grade By Kurt Wiesenfeld

Like many students, college students always want the easiest way to attain a good grade. That was what I experienced in high school. Teachers give credit for work completed rather than the accuracy of the work and students would receive credit for things that had nothing to do with materials being taught in class. For example, my teacher would give extra credit on essays for bringing tissue boxes to class. In high school, students get used to slacking off and procrastinating however teachers seemed like they did not care to help discourage these bad habits. Unfortunately, in college, many students struggle with these habits and are unprepared to start college. After reading “Making the Grade” by Kurt Wiesenfeld, I began to understand a lot …show more content…
He begins the article with several accounts of students begging for ways on how to improve their grade and explained how students still begged when they knew and admitted they do not deserve the grade they please. College students just aim for minimal effort; effort so low that they expect to pass by just showing up to class (Wiesenfeld). He goes onto explaining how students rarely consider the opportunity to learn. “The one thing college actually offers-a chance to learn- is considered irrelevant, even less than worthless, because of the long hours and hard work required” (Wiesenfeld). Colleges are providing chances that not everyone in America can attain, but students still do not find it a reason to go through tedious essays, projects and studying. The author even calls the acts of college students as “not only self-destructive, but socially destructive” (Wiesenfeld). Since today’s youth forms America's future, we cannot determine people’s strengths and weaknesses when people put in minimal effort to receive a passing grade. These performances should not be acceptable because one’s personal failure can lead to a bigger group

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