Demanding More From College By Frank Brruni Analysis

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The article "Demanding More from College" by Frank Bruni discusses the issues involving college students and how they should address college. Bruni questions the purpose of college whether it 's sufficiently assessable or invariably worthwhile. One headline stated "College is a ludicrous waste of money." The main problem is that college students don 't expand their horizons. They attend college and surround themselves with the same similar clique that they dealt with in high school. Sociologists Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa came out with a new book called "Aspiring Adults Adrift" which has information involving where students are at after college. About 1,000 graduates were faring two years after their studies, one-quarter of them were still …show more content…
Today students who attend college have a better opportunity when it comes to employment. For example, someone close to me did not attend college but she has been earning good money when she started. There was competition between her and another gentleman who had attended college. The gentleman was offered more money just because he went to college but he didn 't have as much knowledge within that occupation. The woman was not recognized by her abilities but she had more knowledge than him. This goes to show what college teaches you. The degree you earn can only get you so far. It 's not a negative characteristic if you don 't attend college and it doesn 't mean you aren 't as smart as the people who did. As long as you push yourself to move up in any work force, you can succeed. The woman earns enough money to own two homes, send both of her children to college, and is very blessed overall. You spend so much money in college and some students don 't come out with a steady job or real world knowledge. Jobs nowadays are less about what you know but about who you know. Students should focus more on meeting faculty on campus rather than meeting other students. Creating relationships with faculty can lead to better opportunities than students who are in the same position as you such as recommendations. College plans for whatever the future might bring but it does not promise you a job. Leaders produce results. If you push yourself to project your knowledge, people will notice you. Bruni suggests that students follow publications and blogs. This is an excellent idea because when you retweet or post anything inappropriate, employers see this and might not give you the job. How you present yourself outside of work matters just as much to show how professional you really are. I 'm from Queens, New York and

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