Analysis Of Hunter Rawlings's 'College Is Not A Commodity'

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Opening one’s mind up can allow them to accept or try new experiences. Hunter Rawlings’ “College Is Not a Commodity. Stop Treating It Like One” explains how the importance of college has changed in recent years. In almost all cases nowadays, it is essential to have a college degree in order to get a good job. Colleges require the student to put forth the effort in order to obtain its true value. Rawlings’ explains how college is a two-way street, how the professors must inspire and create an engaging environment, while the students need to breathe it in and be enlivened by it. A college education is expensive, and it is the student’s job to take advantage of the opportunity. I agree with Hunter Rawlings’ theory that the ideal goal for college is the realization that students can use their own minds to make their own opinions and decisions, in hopes they will become more independent thinkers. Colleges require both professors and students to take an active role in their learning experience anticipating that students will learn to use their own minds. Today, many people go to college for the sole purpose of obtaining a degree, “to hope to qualify for a better job, to make friends and find spouses, [or] to play sports,” but in order to take full advantage of college, students need to learn that college is an opportunity …show more content…
Stop Treating It Like One,” Hunter Rawlings demonstrates how college should be a learning experience that opens one’s mind and challenges them. Rawlings explains how the importance of college has changed in the recent years. He states that people today view college from an economic standpoint, almost as an investment for the future. But college should be more than that. It is a university's job to provide classrooms with professors and students who are motivated for the future. We current college students, are the future, and we need to learn how to use our minds to become more independent

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