High School And College Jack Meiland Analysis

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In “The Difference between High School and College” a part of the book “College Thinking: How to Get the Best out of College, the author Jack Meiland talks about how college is a subversive institution ,and how many students will go home and create arguments with their parents over the way they live because college changed their views on society.
His first point he believes that “In senior high school as continuation of elementary and junior high school in this respect”(104) that means in high school you learn the same things that you in elementary and middle school and high school. You just will learn the same information just into much deeper detail and harder problems that make you mind work harder. In college you are given theories or opinions on how something is said so you have to think and
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Meiland’s Audience and purpose for this article is he is looking for high school seniors and first year college students to see the difference from and transition from high school to college is a little different than middle school to high school. This makes me wonder how much the difference will be or how it could be similar. The text suits this argument because it talks it about how the college professors will teach differently than high school teachers and the subject matter will be a little different as well. Also, it is just not all facts you will learn in college they try to create a little debate in the class discussion.
The first question is “What personal memories or experiences does this text trigger”. Some of the personal memories that the article helped me remember again was my experience from moving from junior high to high school on how nervous i was when thinking how much harder it will be. Also, how the teachers in middle school gave us the big facts and as soon as we taught this again in high school the teachers went more into detail over the

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