College, What It Was, And Should Be By Andrew Delbanco Analysis

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Hannah Adams
Dr. Herman Prager
TX Government
14 November, 2017
College, What It Was, Is, And Should Be In Andrew Delbanco’s book, College, What It Was, Is, And Should Be, the author explains that students are no longer going to colleges to explore and discover their passions, but instead are attending just to gain an undergraduate degree. He argues that a true education helps students discover themselves. He expresses his concern that many colleges are losing their passion to help students discover themselves and their values, and those that keep up these traditions are becoming a privilege that many cannot afford. He also makes a point that making proper education available to all is important for the future of Americans. In the first chapter,
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He talks about the problems created by said policies as well as standardized testing. He addresses the problems surrounding Ivy schools. Saying that they have standards so high they only take the best and brightest students. This turns them into schools for the future leaders of American business and government. This also helps foster a sense of self-righteousness in the students of these schools and makes it easier for them to say that they deserve every reward given to them and that if they didn’t get a reward it’s because it was stolen from them. Even though their parents’ income plays the main role in determining where they attend college.
Chapter six discusses possible solutions, Delbanco focuses his attention on a slow process of fixing the problems with our education system. He realizes that we won’t be able to just change the system in one fatal swoop and instead believes that solutions will come from those who are well informed on the weaknesses of the colleges and those that know the history of the education system.
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I also think that colleges should hold more discussions about morals and ethics in the classroom even though people don’t have the same opinion on these topics. I think it’s important for students to learn how to deal with diversity and to have discussions with people who disagree with you because sadly the whole world won’t agree with you every time. While the books doesn’t’ provide any solid solutions to the problems of education I don’t feel that it needed

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