Analysis: Vocation Or Exploration: Pondering The Purpose Of College

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Before I entered college, I never asked myself why I wanted to go on to higher education. I just assumed it was normal to go on to postsecondary education, just like my older brothers and my parents did. Not even once did my high school councilors talk to my class about alternative education, it was always college, college, college, from day one. So in turn, I never pondered the questions; where am I going?, why am I doing this?,or, what is the purpose of all this? As Alina Tugend, New York Times journalist, writes in her article “Vocation or Exploration: Pondering the Purpose of College,” she asks the question, what is the purpose of college education. In “Vocation or Exploration: Pondering the Purpose of College,” Alina Tugend asks the reader what is the purpose of college. Is the purpose of college to broaden a students horizons, prepare the young adult for the job market, or do both? Before the 1980s, it was possible to just have a bachelor of arts degree, and many different fields would be open to you. Today, such a degree would not allow you the diversity it once provided. With America having the highest drop out rate in the world (TED Books), we need to rethink vocational schooling. Two main arguments against leading more students to vocational schools are; we don’t want to force people into one area early on, and, that a liberal arts degree creates an informed, and engaged citizenry. However, it is possible to efficiently integrate liberal arts learning into vocational training. Combining the two paths would be very beneficial to a world that requires one to be able to think critically, and for …show more content…
One, liberal arts education is fading away, and is hurting students. Two, vocational training alongside liberal arts courses can help connect students to the real world. All in all, it is up to college students to decide what path is best for themselves in this ever-changing

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