Analysis Of The Organization Kid By David Brooks

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Liberal Education is meant to cultivate students, which means it intends to help with personal growth, knowledge, skills and also gives them the opportunity to learn about a variety of subjects including a specific field of their choice. This sounds very much like the purpose of college and lower level educations. David Brooks, who wrote “The Organization Kid” explains his views on liberal education and its effects on students. Brooks argues that these students are extremely intellectual, very respectful and motivated but that their educational upbringing and expectations put on them have left them as nothing more than programmed robots that take orders and have no character. This becomes evident in his interviews with students from Princeton …show more content…
This piece of work shows that although these students may possess many great features such as being intelligent, respectful and hardworking, all the effects are not so positive. Students should be respectful but not be afraid to challenge their authoritative figures, they should not be forced to learn a variety of things against their will nor be walked through life instead of being independent, and if they do have to learn certain subjects then they should also be taught how to build character. We live in an age where everyone is okay with being ordered around just to get that good grade or promotion. Society is so used to being told what to do that at times they may not even realize that most decisions they make are not their own. Also though students may be getting more intelligent, knowledge and following rules does not make someone a great person, character does. So if liberal education’s purpose is to cultivate people then it fails to do so when it comes to true personal growth, instead it has left many as programmed intelligent robots that only care about rules and success rather than being a human

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