Analysis Of Karen Ho's Article 'Biographies Of Hegemony'

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Narrowing Possibilities: Untested Experiences
In her article, “Biographies of Hegemony”, Karen Ho explains how the vision that individuals have of investment banking and working on Wall Street is narrowing the students’ perspective of success. This tunnel-vision effect described by Karen Ho is connected to the “culture of smartness” which many students seem to believe in. In Susan Faludi’s text, “The Naked Citadel”, she also represents the idea of the a narrowing experience. Students who first hear about the field of investment banking and the so called great life on Wall Street, soon begin to believe that that is the most ideal way to live and the most financial freedom they could expect from a college degree. This is why numerous students
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Many students will end up switching fields because they believe that Wall Street has everything that they want but more times than not, the individuals regretting his or her choice. After many individuals go through the great amounts of stress, competition, and workload, they realize that money is not this important. And by this time is it usually too late to pick a different major and try to get a career in another field that not relate to chasing money. They realize that they should have went to study the field that they originally chose to study because that is what they were really interested in. Ho states, “smartness must be represented and reinforced by a specific appearance and bodily technique that dominantly signals that impressiveness; not surprisingly, such characteristic as being impeccable and smartly dressed, dashing appearance, mental and physical quickness, aggressiveness, and vigor reference the default upperclassmen, maleness, whiteness, and heteronormativity of ideal investment bankers” (167). This is the typical mold for an investment banker according to Ho, but many students who do not fit this category are getting in education in investment banking to eventually try to end up on Wall Street. This narrowing is a large problem because many students who want to have jobs in other fields are now trying to become investment …show more content…
Most students people that the modern form of education is the only way to be successful in the real world but they do not realize how the standardization of going through the modern educational system is affecting their mental capacities and limitations. Most students do not realize the real reason to learn and they believe that scoring well on a test is considered knowing the material enough to have mastered it. However, the modern educational system, for the most part, is just teaching students how to follow instructions that are given to them and how to cram for exams which leads to very little remembrance of the information that was formerly thought. Education institutions should strive to fill empty minds with open minds instead of minds that are overloaded with worthless information. These effects of educational institutions construct social discrimination between gender, sexuality, and race because of the fact that students are highly influential with each other. Students become like the people that they spend the most of their time with. This funnels groups of students into crowds that they might not intend on being a part of such as a student who aspires to become a doctor gets unintentionally persuaded to pursue a career on Wall Street after joining a

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