Why I Want To Be A Financial Manager Essay

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Part One: Why I Want to Be a Financial Manager I want to be a financial manager when I am older. It is a job that interests me and seems like something that will be enjoyable because of my high interest in it. I have been good with numbers and math my whole life, so I feel that this job would suit me perfectly. There is just something about business that makes me want to go into it when I am older. There is plenty to know about a financial manager. I got a ton of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a very trustworthy agency that is a part of the federal government that finds out everything you need to know about different jobs. Financial managers have many duties. Some of their duties are to prepare financial statements/presentations, …show more content…
The minimum education is a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration, but many companies seek employees with a master’s degree in the same subjects. To become a financial manager one needs to get the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification. Experience in the field is wanted by most employers when looking for financial managers. The important qualities needed to be a financial manager are: analytical skills, communication skills, being detail orientated, math skills, and organizational skills. Financial managers make around $102,000-$130,000 per year. This is a lot of money, but the work and education required to get to this point is a lot. You need to work your way up to this position with a lot of experience. It is not handed to you straight out of college. Going to a good college to study business or economics will help get a job as a financial manager.
Part Two: What I Discovered About Being a Financial
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These videos seemed reliable because they were from a finance website and a college professor. The first video was from learnerstv.com titled “Lecture 1 Finance and Financial Manager”, and the second video was on youtube, made by MVN University called “Scope of Financial Management.” Some tasks of financial managers that I discovered are that they advise companies how to use their money, develop financial plans, and manage cash (accounts receivable and financial investments). This seems like financial managers actually play a big role in companies helping them to use their money wisely in order to not go bankrupt. When there is a surplus of money, the financial manager decides whether to retain the money or to distribute the money into dividends. They also describe that the financial managers determine the capital structure of a company (how much needs to be borrowed and how much needs to be spent). After watching these videos it comes to my knowledge that financial managers are a vital job within a firm. They provide knowledge and decision making that keep the business from going into debt or becoming

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