Accounting Career Plan Essay

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Career Change Plan for Rabale Qureshi

After completing Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Economics with the concentration in Accounting from Empire State college. I would like to begin my career in an accounting field and go for a CPA. I always have a keen interest in mathematics, therefore I have strong desire to pursue my career in this field. In the next five years, I hope to see myself as an accounting professional.
Most accounting jobs require Bachelor’s degree and I am few credits away from completing my degree. The most important skills require in an accountant position are analytical, communication, math, and organizational skills also detail orientation. ( As stated on O*NET OnLine accountants also require to
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To do that, I need to have an internship with a public or business accounting firm. This will help me to get a professional training in this career. It will also help me to discover on what skills I am good at and what skills I need to work on. I have LinkedIn account which is a leading professional network. By updating my profile on this site, I will be able to connect myself with professional employers in accounting field. After searching nearby employers in accounting field, I will create the list of employers that offer training and provide job opportunities to individuals with no work experience in the accounting field. After creating the list, I will make a chart to contact potential employers by writing cover letters, by phone or by on site visiting. In order to manage job interviews and follow-ups I will create a daily to do list. This will help me to manage and follow-ups my interviews and other routine works. To reach the level of my desire goal of CPA, I need to pass an exam that meets the New York state requirements. I also must need to complete 150 credits. As stated on BLS-Occupational Outlook Handbook under the section ‘How to Become an Accountant’, Most employers pay the cost with the CPA exam, it is very supportive to achieve my desire goal. ( Also, I will try to keep on study while working so I could complete the required credits for CPA exam. After completing that I

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