Benefits Of An Actuary Essay

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Picture this: you have grown up and have now found a successful career. Your work environment is to die for, money is not an issue, and you love what you do. You cannot imagine any other job that could be better than this. Doesn’t that sound great? Most people believe this lifestyle is reserved only for the lucky few, but that is not the case. All this and more could be your’s with the the career choice of an actuary. An actuary is one the best jobs any adult could have because actuaries are provided with a comfortable, likeable work environment, a high-paying salary, and a job where you would never have to work a day in your life. It’s not fantasy; it’s an actuary.
When the time comes to find a job, most of people pay close attention to the benefits the job has to offer. In the case of actuaries, the first major benefit is the work environment. Many actuaries work in teams to solve complex problems together, which evokes socializam as well as more input on situations that might occur. Not only that, but actuaries do not spend all of their time in cubicles as many might think. On the contrary, the occupation of an actuary allows for much travel due to client meeting, which allows for one to get out and see the world. As stated by
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That is a whole lot of money. Not only that, but add some years off experience under an actuary’s belt and he or she will be looking at earning over $250,000 a year. As clearly displayed, money would not be an issue for any interested in the career choice of an actuary. To further explain, take the situation of purchasing a car. If one so wished to spend $40,000 on a vehicle, he or she would still have a profit of over 100 grand a year, with little or no experience to stand on. One major purchase in life has had minimal effect on the income an actuary receives. When considering the career of an actuary, keep in mind the tremendous salary benefits the tag along with the

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