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  • Masters Degree

    Getting a Masters degree is an aspiration of many that opens up the doors to a higher level of knowledge and understanding; elevation of self worth; better employment opportunity; higher income potential; and more. It is a pillar that solidifies a person 's dedication, credibility and knowledge through his/her hard work. Thus one of the key issue in consideration for a Masters degree is choosing the appropriate field of study that will complement the social, professional and personal requirements. A deeper degree of complexity is also added for the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program as the degree offering can be a general MBA or an MBA with "Specialization" or concentration where the program provides this higher level of business…

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  • Alex Biik Observation Report

    Ovation Fertility™ board member, Alex Buzik, offers over 13 years of experience in healthcare private equity and investment banking. Ovation Fertility™ board member, Alex Buzik, is an asset to the board of directors, offering over 13 years of experience in healthcare private equity and investment banking. With experience working for names such as Lehman Brothers and MTS Health Investors, Mr. Buzik plans to help Ovation Fertility™ grow into the country’s largest and most prodigious nationwide…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Lawyer

    After obtaining my masters, I plan to continue off to law school where I will receive my Juris Doctor. Even though having a law degree will open many doors, having an MBA opens so many more. However, I would not be selfish with my success. The latter part of my plan involves moving back to Manning, SC. The little town that molded me into the person that I am. I want to come back and invest in my high school. I especially want to invest in the Manning High School chapter of the Future Business…

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  • Financial Analyst Disparities

    life of a financial analyst can be either the greatest with a feeling of accomplishment and or worst day of your life with a feeling or failure. Financial analysts must have a bachelor’s degree usually in accounting, economics or finance. Having a MBA which is a masters in Business Administration is often required or masters in finance is also accepted. Having good…

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  • Comptech Case Analysis

    for institutionalized items and administration crosswise over stores. This must be accomplished if administration attempts to fulfill similar outcomes inside every store. In any case, as of now the organization has a constrained portrayal for the store administrator position and no depiction for the right hand and partner director positions. I suggest that CompTech likewise leads a key occupation examination with a specific end goal to match administration's errands to its methodology. The…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Financial Analyst

    For my future I am aspiring to become a Financial Analyst. For the past few years this has become my dream. I have developed a liking with working in the financial and business field. My overall goal is to have my MBA (Master of Business Administration) as well as a degree in language. I have looked into over dozens of colleges and I have found quite a few that I think could be a good fit for me. My top college is NYU. They have a great Business and Finance program and I love the atmosphere that…

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  • Membership In Professional Organizations

    SCORE is made up of retired and active business professionals who provide free and confidential business counselling. ( SCORE is a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration. There are 11,000 volunteers providing services in over 1,000 communities. They have provided 263,425 mentoring sessions to 148,800 clients which has resulted in 56,079 new businesses being started. (SCORE NATIONAL IMPACT 2014) SCORE helps budding entrepreneurs develop business plans and help them…

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  • Case Study Henry Tam

    This case revolves around Henry Tam. A student at Harvard Business School who joins the Harvard Business School Plan Contest. The contest was established to prepare students for future challenges that would be presented to them in real world business situations. Harvard students Alex, Dav, and Dana all join Henry as part of the contest team. Henry has identified Music Games International, MGI, as a company to partner with for the contest. The owners of MGI are Igor, Sasha, and Roman, former…

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  • Why Is It Important To Get An MBA In College?

    If you opt for the traditional classroom environment, the average cost for a two-year program can vary from institution to institution. On average, the costs for an MBA on average exceeds $60,000.00 a year or more. If you are looking attend the top business schools or a private institution, tuition costs as much as $200,000. An online MBA in leadership program can cost an upwards of $30,000 in tuition. Before you consider an online MBA in leadership program, check if the online program is…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Financial Manager Essay

    and math my whole life, so I feel that this job would suit me perfectly. There is just something about business that makes me want to go into it when I am older. There is plenty to know about a financial manager. I got a ton of information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is a very trustworthy agency that is a part of the federal government that finds out everything you need to know about different jobs. Financial managers have many duties. Some of their duties are to prepare…

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