Chartered Financial Analyst

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  • Certified Financial Analyst Career Essay

    Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) is a professional course offered to individuals in careers that deal with financial accounting and management. Notably, most financial analysts working for different organizations in the U.S. and other countries across the world have done the course and are regarded as certified financial analysts. I am also pursuing a career in finance and strongly believe that my successful completion of the course will enable me achieve my career objectives as a financial analyst. There are several institutions that offer the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) course. These include state universities, private universities and other independent professional institutions. I plan to pursue the course at the Wright State University. This is because it is one of the reputable business colleges in the…

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  • Financial Analyst Disparities

    The day in the life of financial analyst can be very grueling and exhausting or enjoyable and exciting. Being a financial analyst takes a lot schooling and training if being one of the well paid employees is desired. At times the job can be very demanding and can be very time consuming but, the nice crisp pay at the end of the pay period makes it worth hassle involved. The everyday life of a financial analyst can be either the greatest with a feeling of accomplishment and or worst day of your…

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  • Accounting Informative Speech

    Professional Greeting: Welcome everyone to the Careers in Business Online Showcase. My name is Seema Dwarka and I work for Bankers Financial Corporation as a Tax Accountant. I also represent as a member of the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance to encourage women to participate in all fields of accounting and finance. C. Purpose and preview: My goal today is to help guide students who are specifically majoring in the accounting field, by listing a few suggestions of job descriptions…

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  • Social Security Number Expansion Case Study

    I believe that the two words that best describes Project Management are teamwork and communication. As I read the case study the one constant theme that from this Social Security Number Expansion project was the lack of teamwork and communication that was showed by the various departments involved. For this case it would be easy to put the blame on the Project Manager for not managing the various Functional Business Analysts the way he or she should have but I do not think that was the case. The…

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  • The Fate Of Life Analysis

    abundance could add to a move in worldwide climate patterns. Others know about the circumstance, however, are unwilling to roll out improvements on the grounds that their concentration lies somewhere else. One of the primary perspectives that as often as possible contradicts the hippie and biologist methods for speculation is that of the financial analyst. From the market analyst 's point of view, the emphasis is on creation and utilization. He may think: "this is just harming the environment a…

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  • A Career In Business: Business Analytics

    A Career in Business—Business Analytics Business Analytics (BA) is a burgeoning field which has been created to bridge a communication gap between Business and Information Technology. A career as a business analyst is a fulfilling career goal for me because it will exercise my ability to solve problems by utilizing Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Management skills for any organization. In this informative essay I will demonstrate why I am interested in Business Analytics,…

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  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Of Feedback As A Business Analyst

    109 Communication and Thought, at the University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. 1.2 Limitations This report is limited to the three interpersonal communication skills of listening, feedback and questioning and does not enlighten any other interpersonal communication skills. The benefits and recommendations put onward have only been related with the occupation of a business analyst. 1.3 Scope This report focuses on the interpersonal communication skills of listening, questioning…

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  • My Career Leadership Aspiration As A Business Analytor

    is to become a Business Analyst/ Data Consultant/ Senior Business Analyst in a data driven company. I’ve always dreamt of working as a Data Analyst/Data Scientist in an organization that is involved in big data analytics for example Amazon. In the past few years, Amazon has moved away from a pure e-commerce player to a giant online player who offers much more than just products. It focuses massively on big data and is changing from an online retailer into a big data company. My long-term career…

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  • Final Case Studies: Atrium Bio-Medical Supply, Inc.

    maintenance could also be a potential problem with systems inaccessible due to scheduled maintenance occasionally. c. If the decision is made to purchase a new system, what are three options for customizing the software? If the decision is made to purchase new software, then there are only a couple of options available. One could decide to purchase the run-of-the-mill package, but then have to purchase additional software add-ons. Then there is the preferable option of getting in touch with…

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  • Personal Reflection: Living And Working In San Diego, California

    (10Y) • I am a senior business analyst for Scripps Hospitals in San Diego County. (10Y) • I work at all the locations in San Diego County. (10Y) • My secondary career anchor was, security, stability and organizational identity. (10Y) • “Flexibility” was on my 20 somewhat satisfying skills.…

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