Choosing Business: Education Is The Key To Success And Success

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Growing up I was always taught education is the key to success and happiness. Along the way many of my past teachers have always used this quote in class to instill in me the value of education, and how far a journey it can take you if you just believe in yourself the quote as it states: “knowledge is power”. That quote, simply just speaks for itself. To me it simply means get an education in a career that you love, and there is nothing you can’t do. My parents as well taught to make sure that I choose the career that makes me happy, but at the same time makes sure that I am financially stable in future. The career I have chosen is my own pathway to success, business is truly what I want to do and what I can see myself doing in 20 years. When …show more content…
In some of the concepts in my past business textbooks it talked about planning and decision making. And with these simple concepts I do apply it all the time to school, like making sure all my school work is done way before it’s due, and at the same time providing time to check over it; but planning time to study and look over materials needed for the next day. Other than school work I also make time for other extra activities like having time to myself at home or going to the movies with my family on the weekends. When applying my business mind to school work I always make sure to have this statement in mind that “failure is a stepping stone to success” and “don’t be afraid of failure” with those quotes I took to mind that sometimes things you want done don’t turn out the way you want them to turn out, but learning from those mistakes you made, and trying to fix them is the only way to succeed in anything. Along with learning all those things there were parts of the class that discussed the code of ethics. That part of the class basically discussed the general difference between right and wrong, demanding people to do what is ethical and not what is the easy way out. For example, like studying to get a good grade on your quiz that would be the most ethical thing to do, but the unethical

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