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  • Why Do Financial Services Need To Be Regulated

    This essay will discuss: why financial services need regulated in the United Kingdom, Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Services Authority (FSA) and a short comparison between the old regulator and the new one. The main areas this essay will comment on will be why regulation is needed and the current regulators the PRA and FCA. It will also discuss the extent to which regulators protect consumers of the United Kingdom financial system. Regulation is defined as “The imposition by a government of controls over the decisions of individuals or firms. It often refers to the control of industries in which there is monopoly or oligopoly.” (Oxford, 2008) The need for regulation in Financial Services…

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  • Universal Health Services (UHS): Financial Analysis

    Introduction – Financial Plan This paper will develop a financial plan for Universal Health Services (UHS). First, it will suggest the financial ratio that most financial analysts would use to evaluate the financial condition of the company. Next, this paper will speculate on UHS’ ability to meet its financial obligations as they come due. Furthermore, it will determine whether the profitability trends are favorable or unfavorable accompanied with an explanation. Finally, this paper will…

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  • Dynamic Financial Services Research Paper

    THE ULTIMATELY HOLISTIC DYNAMIC COMMUNITY Teaming Up With THE DYNAMIC FINANCIAL SERVICES (Better Known As, “The Dynamic Tax Services” and “The Dynamic Credit Repair Services”) NOW IS THE PREFECT TIME TO PROVIDE YOUR GENEROUS SUPPORT TO “THE JOURNEY FROM HOPE TO PROSPERITY” 2016 IS SWIFTLY ENDING AND THIS CONTRIBUTION CAN BE A TAX DEDUCTION This is an initiative to come together with those in need of taking a journey along the way of Hope to land in their destiny of Prosperity. We…

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  • Carter V. Tokai Financial Services Case Study

    Carter V. Tokai Financial Services, Inc. In the case, it follows Randy P. Carter and Tokai Financial services, Inc. where Tokai sued Carter for money that was not given under a lease agreement that the two had entered. It as stated that ARC made 4 of the rental payments before they defaulted on the obligation they had with Tokai. Following the ceasing of payment, Tokai the repossessed the equipment and sold it for $5,900. After the sale, Tokai brought a suit against in which they were awarded…

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  • Ethical Competence In Financial Services

    A few different actions could be beneficial in ensuring that Ponzi schemes like the one perpetrated by Mr. Madoff do not happen in the future. One of these actions is to ensure that professionals and organizations working in the financial sector receive education regarding ethical behaviors and common pitfalls. Ensuring that individuals working in this important industry are ethically competent is important to the health of the nation as ethical issues erode the trust that Americans have in…

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  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Analysis

    Many companies have and will share consumer financial information with their affiliates. The information that is released can be very sensitive and personal about the consumers. Sine the year of 1991 there has been financial occurrences with banks that have created troubles for consumers. As a result of shared consumer financial information, congress passed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) to protect consumer financial privacy that requires companies that are classified as financial…

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  • Access To Immigrants

    Having financial access and understanding financial services and which to choose from are extremely important for economic success. Unfortunately, financial literacy and access to these services are a major concern for immigrants in the United States. Many families immigrate in search of economic security and financial opportunities, but are the necessary steps being taken to provide this key component to achieving the “American Dream” to immigrants and their families? Access to financial…

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  • Online Banking In India

    adoption mainly in the Indian origin. The main objective of this study was to identify and determine the various factors that influence the decision of consumers’ for adoption of online banking service and to determine the relationship among Online banking service, customer satisfaction and customer adoption. For the collection of data, a questionnaire was used. The questionnaire was designed on a 5-point Likert scale. This study determines that there is a positive relationship between customer…

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  • Linsco And Private Ledge Financial Analysis

    Linsco and Private Ledge Financial (LPL) should enter the equity crowdfunding arena to strengthen the value they bring to the marketplace. In the financial services industry since 1989, LPL is fourth largest independent broker-dealer and has contracts with over 14,000 advisors. Publicly traded and listed on the National Association of Securities Dealers…

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  • Peyton Patterson: Business Analysis

    An experienced banking and financial services professional, Peyton Patterson holds a bachelor of arts in political science from Kenyon College in in Gambier, Ohio, and a master of business administration from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Over the course of her career, she served tenures as Senior Vice President of for the JP Morgan Chase National Financial Services Group and Executive Vice President of Consumer Financial Services for the Dime Bank Corporation. Peyton Patterson…

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