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  • Motor Competence: Gross And Fine Motor Skills

    Priya Bhojak FS-120 Running Record Observation PART II I. Physical a. Motor Competence (Gross and Fine Motor Skills): Deliberate actions that use many parts of the body, producing large movements, are called gross motor skills while Small body movements are called fine motor skills. The most valued fine motor skills are finger movements, enabling humans to write, draw, type, tie, and so on. Movements of the tongue, jaw, lips, teeth, and toes are also fine motor skills. Seraphim showed a great motor competence according to her age. She moved from one table to other with great control while carrying the objects in her hand. She also showed great control with her coloring, making structure with Legos where she had to use small pieces of the…

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  • Fine Motor Skills Case Study

    The reduced capacity of Bonnie’s fine motor skills is a troubling matter, for both her personal life and academic success. While educators and parents cannot speed up the process of development, they can support children through various methods, helping them strengthen and increase their learning and development. The educator’s response to Bonnie’s situation would not only further hinder her delays by not giving her the experiences she needs to develop but also through the confidence and…

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  • Fine Motor Skills: A Case Study

    developmental delay they will be evaluated. These skills are age related and will vary by age. The evaluations will take place in such areas as gross motor skills, which encompasses the usage of large muscle groups for movement. These movements include walking, running, and sitting. Gross motor skills are also important for balance. Fine motor skills are motor movements that use smaller more refined muscle movement. These would be using pincer skills needed to pick up a pencil, spoon or fork.…

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  • Clinical Observation Essay On Shivanni

    she completed expected tasks she would smile and show satisfaction. Overall, Shivanni was at the same stage of development throughout my clinical experience. My overall conclusion of Shivanni’s development is that she has stayed the same through out my clinicals. She still acts the same as she did the first observations given some exceptions. She still needs help with her morning routine and washing her hand. But she did increase her vocalization. She has become much more talkative and…

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  • Classroom Diversity Case Study

    a little anxious as Wood (2007) outlines as part of the Social-Emotional growth patterns of a nine-year old (p. 110). Additional growth patterns need to be more individualistic, impatient, self-critical and critical of others. One additional pattern, would be their moods change erratically (Wood, p. 110). In Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4 - 14, other categories are, "Vision and Fine Motor Ability," indicating the task such as drawing is a good practice for fine motor tools. My…

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  • Child Development Observations

    peeling off stickers, gluing a pompom etc. Many kids were also creative with their buckets (one made an owl!) and most of their attention was pretty focused. Thus, both sides of their brain were working in harmony, communicating/sharing information. Crafts also accelerate the development of muscles in the hands and fingers, improving fine motor skills and dexterity that similarly translate to other areas of their lives such as eating and in school. In our station, we had many aspects that…

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  • Erikson Stages And Human Development Essay

    mother as easily. The family used to have nightly dinners, which Christina, who is a stay at home mom, prepares. Now, unless Alice is napping during the late afternoon, it is more difficult for Christina to prepare dinner and often, the family dinner becomes take out or pizza. The entire family is affected by this, and the whole family does help, but Christina is in likely to become overwhelmed if the situation continues in this way. Alice: Psychosocial Crisis Alice’s situation is peculiar for…

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  • Barbie Doll Vs Story Of An Hour Analysis

    Comparative Essay Feministic ideas, now and over the years, are rooted in the various attitudes of our social and cultural behaviors. To lack the acceptable image created by society is to be labeled less than ideal. Whether by bluntly stating it or carefully hinting the idea, many American poets, novelist, and social activist have, in one way or another, embarked on the idea. In “Barbie Doll” by Marge Piercy and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin both authors portray the life of a woman…

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  • Playground Physical Development

    similar to stairs that younger children can use. This requires and refines the physical motor development…

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  • I M's Language Development

    has a wide range of vocabulary and can pronounce most words. Part 3: There are several developmental goals that are realistic and appropriate for M. Based on my study of M, one goal that would be good for her fine motor development is learning how to identify and write the letters that are not present in her name. She has consistently been able to write her first name in all capital letters. Now it is about time to start teaching her other letters in the alphabet and how to write them…

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