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  • Learning Something New

    passed, everyone was in front, but me. I was still standing in the back like a fifty-pound rock that could not be moved without the help from others. At that moment the instructor acknowledged me gracefully. After the instructor introduced himself a couple of the peers walked over to me and introduced themselves, knowing that I am nervous about learning new things they softly patted me on the back and told me with confidence that they do not know how to play guitar either. I felt more at ease knowing that I was not alone. During the guitar lesson the instructor pulled out his guitar to demonstrate to us what the major cords were. He would place his pointer finger and index finger on the very top string and his ring finger and pinky finger on the bottom string. After his demonstration he would ask us to place our fingers where he instructed on the guitar. Even though I felt slightly more at ease, I still felt as though I would do what the instructor asked of us incorrectly. As the years have gone on, I have gotten a little better with handling new things. For example, when I turned sixteen, I applied for a job at the McDonald’s in Ionia, Michigan. A couple of weeks went by and I still did not receive a phone call, so I decided to give them a call about my application. While dialing the restaurant 's number to call and ask about my application, thoughts rushed through my head as I tried to figure out what to say. The phone rang for what felt like forever, followed by a man…

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  • Reflection Of Nursing: A Life Review For Nursing

    different. But, the good times were when she was “going steady” with her boyfriend Danny. She was a junior when she started dating him. They had a lot of fun together, they would go to dances, and she wore his class ring on her finger. She had to put tape around it so that it would fit her finger. Her first crush was in grade school when Billy gave her a Kit Kat bar in class. My Grandma stated that she does not believe in premarital sex, and she believes marriage should be between a male and…

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  • American Sign Language: Lexical Borrowing In American Sign Language

    others or fingerspelling to make up for the lack of a sign for it. For the paper, loans signs, lexicalized fingerspelling, and what parameters/actions are involved in ASL for signs/lexicalized fingerspelling will be discussed in depth. Loan signs are the signs that have been borrowed from other languages, most commonly relating to countries and nationalities. The examples are #J on side of eye in the J letter movement to represent the eyes being slanted, China with an index finger on the side…

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  • Essay On Polydactyly

    Polydactyly is a common birth defect. The deformity is characterized by extra fingers or toes. Also called extra digits or supernumerary (meaning more than normal) digits, polydactyly results in extra digits that are typically just small bits of extra skin and tissue with no bones present. In some cases, however, there is bone structure within the digits making them partially or fully functional. According to Paul Arnold, polydactyly is caused by the mutation of a gene on chromosome 7. There…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Deaf Athletes

    tuesdays. If you even read this far you are a very determined person. you should put a smiley face at the end of my essay if you think this is funny.And you should give me an 103% on this essay since you can only give 3 extra credit points. You swing the bat/tennis racket by flicking your wrist in a diagonal motion. The sign for the sport basketball is created by holding an imaginary basketball in between your hands and flicking your wrist forward mimicking the action of passing a ball. Boxing…

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  • Hands Make Us Who We Are Analysis

    As human beings, we have the ability to create anything we can imagine because of our fingers and thumbs. We are extraordinary beings, making a life for ourselves by working our way to the top. We can make, extend, and terminate life, we can make amazing sculptures and machines, and we can live life the way we want it to, if we work hard enough. Hands make us who we are and my visual rhetoric is about the importance of hands. I chose this topic because of the diverse aspects of it; the different…

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  • Characteristics Of Fingerprints

    ends abruptly, while ridge bifurcation is defined as the point where a ridge forks or diverges into branch ridges as figure (2) shows. A typical fingerprint image contains about 40–100 minutiae (Feng, 2008). Figure 2: Minutiae of finger print (ridge ending and bifurcation) (Greenberg et al., 2000). Analysis of fingerprints has been simplified if obeyed to Edmond Locard’s tripartite rule. The tripartite rule is as follows: • Positive identifications are possible when there are more than 12…

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  • The Movie 'The Wizard Of Oz'

    used when Dorothy is telling either the Good or other character how she ended up in the Land of OZ. SCARED: This sign uses the movement of both hand towards each other at chest level starting at the shoulders with both hands closed, but suddenly opening them as the reach each other keeping palms facing inside. It was used when Dorothy referred to the Bad Witch. MAGIC: Bringing both hands together at lower chest level moving in outward circular moving over the chest to finish with open…

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  • Reconciliation: A Short Story

    Despite the nauseating feeling she could still draw enough energy from her body to lift her legs, taking her closer and closer to the darkness. In a dazed and confused state, she reached the edge of the trees. Not yet in engulfed in the darkness, she lifted her left arm and slowly stretched it out in front of her, led by a single thin pointer finger. With a finger in the darkness, the shadows began to whisper, moving around in more of a frantic manner. The dim whispering abruptly morphed into…

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  • Carpal Tunnel Research Paper

    presents, changing a diaper, clicking away at the keyboard or simply trying to get a sound night's sleep, carpal tunnel symptoms can really cramp your style. Here are seven ways to heal your aching hands and get back to a relatively pain-free life. 1. Relax! Ever notice how tightly some people grip a pen or pencil between their fingers? That type of death grip puts a lot of pressure on all the muscles and nerves of the hand, creating undue tension, which, over time, can lead to permanent pain…

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