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  • Lisfranc Injuries

    joint complex (aka Lisfranc joint) of the foot: This joint complex consists of the ligaments and bones that connect the forefoot to the midfoot. Lisfranc injuries include strains and tears to the ligament itself in addition to bone dislocations and fractures. The Role of the Midfoot As an individual walks, the midfoot is responsible for transferring the forces that the calf muscles generate to the front of the foot. Furthermore, the midfoot stabilizes the arch of the foot. If the ligaments within the midfoot tear or the bones fracture, the stability of the midfoot is affected. Some injuries affect a single joint; whereas, others disrupt multiple joints. How Midfoot Injuries Occur Individuals who play soccer and football commonly sustain Lisfranc injuries. A midfoot injury frequently occurs when an individual stumbles while the top of his or her foot is flexing downwards. Lisfranc injuries sustained in this manner are considered low-energy injuries and are usually mild. A more severe midfoot injury is typically the result of a direct trauma; therefore, Lisfranc injuries sustained due to a direct trauma (e.g., falling from a ladder, etc.) are considered high-energy injuries. A high-energy Lisfranc injury may include joint dislocation and multiple fractures.…

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  • Overuse Injuries

    Overuse injuries, (as opposed to acute traumatic events) are the most common mechanism for injury in dance, accounting for 68% in females and 60% in males. (Allen, 2012) Therefore the strength and conditioning plan should focus on strengthening the affected structures without exposing them to undue repetitions so as not to exacerbate this effect. (Allen, 2012) Lower back strain is the single most common complaint of ballet dancers (40% exhibited it in one study), followed by ankle sprains and…

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  • Injuries In Sports

    the extent to which a mindfulness-based program plays a role in reducing the number of sport injuries regarding soccer players. Ivarrson looked at a total of forty-one elite soccer players still in high school. This topic is an important area of investigation for several reasons. First off, time loss injuries have been known to affect athletes both psychologically and emotionally. Players who are taken out of games due to injury, often voice feelings of grief and depression. Research such as…

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  • Ankle Injury

    that in order to accelerate the healing process you have to get rid of the swelling. If you follow what 99% of all Emergency Rooms tell you, you'll be using the R.I.C.E. protocol. R.I.C.E. Stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. RICE is NOT a way to heal your sprained ankle fast. It is a first aid response to a sprained ankle (or almost any injury for that matter). So what do you do? You incorporate movement with ICE. The movement of your foot and ankle will help to "pump" the…

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  • Overuse Injuries In Sports

    Pediatric youth athletes are at the greatest risk of overuse injuries. Particularly, athletes aged between 15 and 19 years of age tend to be at the greatest risk of stress fractures, with 42.6% of all stress fractures occurring at that age (McLeod et al 2011). Additionally, females are more commonly affected by overuse injuries than males, but research is inconsistent if that is due to the nature of the sports females are involved in or a different factor. In Stracciolini’s study, a closer look…

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  • Victorian Work Injuries

    Work injuries can be devastating, emotionally, physically and financially. Nobody wants a workers comp. injury. The goal is to get the injured back to work Everyone gains when an injured worker is safely back on the job. There is really no one particular type of injury, though the most common is neck and back injuries accounting for 90% of most of the injuries occurring at work. Repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome are also injuries that we treat on a regular basis. They…

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  • Sports Injury Analysis

    Describe a procedure used to assess the nature and extent of a sport injury ( ½ pages) (provide characteristics and features) TOTAPS is an acronym that is used when an athlete is injured and needs to be assessed. When the athlete gets injured you need to ask them questions and talk to them, things like how it happened? Where it hurts? Etc., by doing this you can gather valuable information about the injury; this is Talk (T) the first step complete. The next step is to observe (O) the athlete,…

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  • The Importance Of Injuries In Soccer

    extremity injuries and playing field surface risks in soccer Soccer is an international sport that is quickly growing and gaining player of all ages, genders, and skill levels. With an increase in players also comes an increase in the potential for injuries to occur. It is important to understand and examine the common injuries and their mechanisms in soccer in order to prevent future injuries from happening, as well as having proper treatment plans in place for when injury occurs. Not only can…

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  • Essay On Eye Injury

    of the most common eye injury occurring while playing sport is the scratch of the cornea or corneal abrasion in medical term.This injury consist of the scratching of the cornea by the finger or the fingernail of a player.An abrasion can be small or large depending of the gravity of the scratching.This type of injury ensues when the corneal epithelium is abraded and it is more common in basketball (Brummit & Ericksson p.150) where the players in general without face protection are constantly…

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  • College Sports Injuries

    A part of sports participation that is often unavoidable but hopefully wishing they were uncommon are injuries. Injuries can inflict a substantial physical and mental burden, while most injuries can be managed with little disruption it can cause serious damage to sports participation and other activities of daily living. The psychological response to injuries can trigger or unmask serious mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, disordered eating, and substance use or abuse for some…

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