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  • Research Paper On Superpower

    It is the ability to perceive music. Does each person has a delicate ear for music? That is yes and no. Unfortunately, the person who is not engaged in music, only hears a "song", while the music person hears every composition, structure, and rhythm. Now, what I like the most of this superpower. Plucking a bit of experience, a person can lay any track on separate sounding instruments in real time. For instance, a person hears a song which accomplished by four instruments: vocals, bass, guitar, and drums. He can take out vocals from the melody and listen to it only. He can do the same thing with bass or drums, it does not matter. There is no need to do it. There is not need to do all this. Really. This special ability will not save your life, and will not allow you to make a lot of money. But it will bring a very necessary thing- fun and enjoyment. I don 't know why, but such concentration is really enjoyable and allows a person to relax. In order to learn how to do this, a person needs to learn how to listen to music and play the music. By learning more about music, people learn more about themselves. The feeling of goosebumps on the skin when listening to a melody. Or the old memories we get. It affects us in many other ways. The more music person listens to, the closest approach for a keen ear you will get. Of course, as in any other science ( and music- is a science), it is also necessary to know the theory, practice…

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  • Meiere's Disease

    Ménière's disease is a rare illness that affects anywhere from one and 1000 to 1 and 2000. It occurs in the inner ear specifically the semicircular canals hold a fluid called endolymph. Endolymph is what your brain uses as its internal compass, balance stabilizer, as well as comprehender of motion. It is an incurable disease that can only be somewhat controlled. The patient will be stuck with the symptoms for life. No one is sure where Ménière's disease comes from. Threes are very varied in…

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  • Correct Ear Research Paper

    . The ear is made up of three parts: the outer, middle, and inner ear.The outer part of the ear collects sound. Sound travels through the auricle and the auditory canal, a short tube that ends at the eardrum. Sound entering the outer ear travels through the middle ear and causes the eardrum and ossicle in the middle ear to vibrate. As it travels, it amplifies and changes from air to liquid. When the stapes moves, it pushes the oval window, which then moves the cochlea. The cochlea takes the…

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  • The Importance Of Noise

    Noise is defined as “unwanted sound or loud discordant or disagreeable sound or sounds.” (HSA). When “vibrations are transmitted through the air in the form of waves, they strike the ear, these waves produce the sensation of sound” (How Stuff Work). Our ears are divided into three sections each section with its own parts and functions play their part in enabling us to hear a noise or sound. The outer ear collects and carries vibrations (sound) to the middle ear where it is amplified allowing…

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  • Deafness And The Hearing System

    You can become deaf from damage or disruption to any part of the hearing system. Some things that can be a disruption or damage to the hearing system would be wax blocking the ear canals. Hearing loss can have all different stages of how bad it is. People who have a hard time following speech would be considered mild hearing loss. Moderate deafness would be difficulty following speech without a hearing aid. People who rely on lip reading when even having a hearing aid it would be considered…

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  • Noise Canceling Technology In Headphones Essay

    called inertial bone conduction. This means that lower frequency sounds actually vibrate the whole skull, but the inner ear sensory sub-systems that are suspended stay still. This tricks the mind into perceiving sound as if sound waves were moving the inner ear sensory sub-systems while the head stayed still . Large, over the ear headphones, are able to take advantage of this more than on the ear headphones because the headphone…

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  • Research Paper On Anotia

    Paelo Manalo Dr. Aida Metzenberg BIOL 241 April 3, 2016 Hear Them Out The first few weeks of pregnancy are the most critical time any complications that can happen to the embryo; most birth defects occur during this time frame. Anotia and Microtia (AM) are birth defects diagnosed when a baby is born. Anotia and Microtia are almost similar diseases. The treatment depends on the severity of the disease and how the ear is formed. The diagnosis for the disease is noticeable at birth however the…

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  • Hearing Differences Between Deafness And Human Ear

    Many people ponder over the thought on how they hear sounds, how their ears work, and how different sounds are perceived. Sound is in fact, just the vibration of the particles of an object, but the way the human ear distinguishes different sounds is truly fascinating. Many people have flawless hearing skills, but others have hearing disabilities that prevent them from being able to recognize different pitches of sound, or how loud or soft a sound is. This is defined as hearing loss, however,…

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  • The Influence Of Music On The Brain

    that travel into the ear, cause vibrations that pass through to the inner ear, and then sent to the brain. Humans…

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  • Differences Between Terrestrial And Aquatic Mammals

    communicate over long distance in similar ways, but of course have differences since they evolved from different ancestors. Specific to this paper, elephants and whales are discussed; the way their ears, external or internal, are structures and how each section of their ears function to aid in the process of hearing frequencies from conspecifics. Elephants not only use their large ears to capture frequencies of sound, but they also use fatty cushions in the feet pads to detect vibrations by…

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