Insanity defense

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  • Insanity Defense In Insanity Defense

    Insanity defenses are mostly used in murder cases such as the James Holmes case or other serious felony charges. Insanity tests that are used determine legal and moral liability which determines the validity of an insanity defense. Andersen and Gardner states, “When a defendant is found insane at the time the crime occurred, the court enters a judgment of not guilty by reason of insanity, and the defendant may never again be tried for that offense”(Gardner and Andersen 116). The insanity defense also discusses the charge/defense of guilty but mentally ill that has been adopted by certain states in the United States. According to Criminal Law Twelfth Edition, “The incidence of people who are found not guilty because of insanity and who then…

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  • The Insanity Defense

    The Insanity Defense A serious American contemporary issue is the use of the insanity defense. The insanity defense is when a person being accused of a crime are legally sane but were not in the right state of mind when the crime had taken place. The insanity defense is a chance to help the person who was not in the normal state of mind. This defense is a compromise of society and law because not all mental ailments can be proven or disproven. The benefits of the insanity defense include…

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  • Insanity Defense

    Legal defense of “Not Criminally Responsible” as result of psychological disorders Psychology is used in the legal system in many ways, whether it is to assess the competency to stand trial, competency of eyewitness testimony, or asses the dangerousness of the psychopathy (Costano & Costanzo, 2013). In recent years a vast number of defences has used the argument that their clients are incompetent to stand trial or are not criminally responsible due to insanity or other psychological issues…

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  • Analysis Of The Insanity Defense

    health counseling and art therapy, this writer feels it is imperative to recognize the humanness of every individual, regardless of his or her condition. Therefore, when this writer finds herself in a hypothetical debate with a friend who believes the insanity defense is just a clever way to get around the law, this writer would view this situation as the perfect opportunity to educate this friend and inform him or her about the details of this controversial issue. In regards to how the legal…

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  • Insanity Defense Theory

    The defense team of Albert Fish tried to proclaim him insane and save him the capital punishment. In general, however, a successful insanity defense technique for a serial killer is not common, especially when it comes to such a big number of extremely heinous crimes committed against children. Fish was diagnosed with paranoid psychosis, yet found sane and responsible for his actions, thus sent to the electric chair (Hasselt & Hersen, 2013). The psychiatric testimony that was used in the…

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  • Torry And Billick: The Insanity Defense

    they get it? When the murderer is finally caught the family is elated with joy and anticipate justice will prevail. But, there’s a catch, as the suspect’s defense attorney is claiming he was insane at the time the crime was committed and intends to plead just that. The insanity defense has been around for centuries and has always been the center of debate. According to Zachary D. Torry and Stephen B. Billick (2007), a crime must have two key attributes evil intent (mens rea)…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Insanity Defense

    How do you feel about a defense that is made basically to allow a criminal justification over a crime they committed? Well thats the insanity defense for you. It has been around for over two-hundred years and since then it has had several reforms brought to it. It was brought around to help the mentally ill, allowing them to plead not guilty to a crime because they lacked the mental capacity to understand right from wrong or appreciate why what they did was wrong. Basically it states they aren’t…

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  • Arguments Against Insanity Defense

    The abolishment of the insanity defense should not be taken into consideration. Many believe that the insanity defense does not really serve a good purpose in the criminal law. However, it is essential for defendants with mental illnesses. Four states already went through the process and abolished the plea. It is imperative for the rest of the states to reject the idea of getting rid of this defense. Rather than removing the insanity defense, the administration of it should be improved. There…

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  • Insanity Defense In Criminal Psychology

    The Insanity Defense. What constitutes its use? How can personality psychology server to the client’s advantage? How is this field of psychology used to better determine a criminal’s behavior? How often is this form of defense used, and how successful is it in serving as a “get out of jail free card”? Before one can even begin to fathom any of these questions, one must first understand what this defense signifies. As one of our moral checks on the Criminal Justice System (CJS), the insanity…

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  • Insanity Defense Essay

    Insanity Defense When a crime is committed the person responsible must enter a plea of guilty or not guilty, but what does it mean to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity? Entering into a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity is claiming that you cannot be held responsible for the crime committed due to the fact that you were mentally unstable when it occurred. In other words, saying that you literally went insane (FindLaw). In cases such as these it is very possible to still be…

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