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  • Louise Bourgeois Installation Art

    Installation based art is a relatively recent artistic genre, yet it has arguably become one of the most interesting. The broad-ranged, even somewhat difficult to accurately define, genre has been on the rise since its inception and is used to approach countless topics of discussion and thought. Many artists utilize installation art in hopes of providing a unique view or insight to these topics. Installation art often seems to be favored when tackling a certain topic: human relationships such as those with family, home, locations, space, and even more. Such relationships seem to hold a lot of importance in the genre. This paper will attempt to accurately analyze just how these topics are handled. One of the more notable artists to dabble in installation art in the 20th Century is the famed Louise Bourgeois. Louise Bourgeois was a French-American artist who became best known for her installations and sculptures, though she also dabbled in other mediums. She…

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  • Carsten Holler Art As Entertainment Analysis

    When I initially think about art as entertainment, I don’t imagine art in a gallery but rather music or television shows. Though I was recently exposed to a different form of art as entertainment, that being the work of Carsten Holler. Holler’s work brought a new meaning to the phrase “art as entertainment” for me with pieces such as Test Site and Amusement Park, both of which are interactive installations visitors can both view and experience if they so choose. For this reason, “the work must…

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  • New Museum Research Paper

    photography at the Institute of Applied Arts in Vienna, as well as audiovisual communications and video at the School of Design in Basel. As a visual artist, Rist works with videography and creates films which are often projected in exhibitions. From her earliest tapes to her recent multi-media installations, Rist has crafted a body of work in which she explores the joining of female sexuality, technology, and pop culture through playful and provocative remixes of fantasy and the everyday.…

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  • Agata Oleksiak Art Analysis

    Artist, Agata Oleksiak, is known to use an eco-friendly material in her sustainable artwork. Her textile fiber work has been associated with yarn bombing that is considered sustainable to some. Even though her methods may be questionable her concept and meaning behind her work is not. Agata Oleksiak, known as Olek, is a Polish-born artist that now lives in New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Mickiewicz University in Poznan. Some of her works include…

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  • Minimal Art: A Visual Analysis

    In many ways the 60s of the 20th century have given art a new face. The artistic reactions to formative events and sentiments of their time designed a portrait of an era, which revealed complex social changes, turbulent political developments and rapid technological progress. Since the end of the second World War artists conceptualized new artistic ideas like autonomy, authorship, form, originality and transformed them into their own language in order to find a new artistic technique. One of…

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  • Gisele Amantea Analysis

    Every form of art contains an aspect of representation, but the exploration of representation as a theme is dependent on each individual piece. Representation is often found as a theme in public art pieces and two public art pieces that masterfully capture this are Gisele Amantea’s Memento (Poodle) and Douglas Coupland’s Golden Tree. Both use the theme of representation in contrasting and harmonious forms while incorporating iconization. Gisele Amantea’s public art installation Memento…

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  • Interactive Public Places: Open Air By Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

    An exploration of the surrounding cultural impact from interactive public installations, based on the piece of Open Air by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Yuan Yuan Zhang Introduction:More and more digital and interactive art installations have been accommodated by various museums and venues recently. In the past, people usually appreciated static public installations and architecture, but now they…

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  • Essay On Absolute Freedom In Art

    Freedom is having the right to act, speak, or think as one wants, and having absolute freedom in creating art pieces mean that no one or no authority can censor it. Usually, authorities such as the government tend to censor art pieces at which they deem unfit and unsuitable for the public audience. The act of censoring is unfair for the artists, as it may mean that they do not have the freedom of expression through art, defeating the purpose of the artwork due to the removal of the main items of…

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  • Ai Weiwei: Artist Analysis

    is “Sunflower Seeds” 2010, which filled the huge Turbine Hall of London’s Tate Modern. The installation of 100,000 million sunflower seeds also included booths on each side of the exhibit housing video interactive video equipment allowing the viewers to ask questions to Ai that he answered via Tate website. The other installation is in “Evidence” series 2014, named “Stools”. The “Evidence” exhibit was unveiled first in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius Bau museum. These two art installations convey…

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  • Jennifer Steinkamp Analysis

    This puts a spin to her artwork. One could infer that the piece is not meant to tell a story. The plants and flowers are just living within nature. The curved lines, smooth and delicate plants are living in a world all of their own, indifferent towards humankind and its world. There does not seem to be one clear narrative within the installation, since the flowers and plants endlessly float within the piece in an endless loop. This a common theme with Steinkamp’s pieces (…

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