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  • Conceptual Art And The Importance Of Language

    Radical Notions Conceptual Art and the Importance of Language Conceptual art as defined by Lucy Lippard in Six Years: The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972 is “work in which the idea is paramount and the material form is secondary, lightweight, ephemeral, cheap, unpretentious and/or ‘dematerialised’” (1997 vii). Unlike their traditional predecessors, the Conceptualists of the late 1960’s believed that arts true purpose lied solely in the work’s conceptual connotations; in a theoretical dimension where an artwork need only to be intellectually engaging. Artworks in this Conceptual realm needn’t be beautiful, radically challenging the ideals of philosophers like Greenberg (Weis 2016, 33), and transforming the art object from…

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  • Sol Lewitt Conceptual Art Analysis

    This chapter illustrates and describes the methodology of the artist Sol LeWitt on conceptual art. With LeWitt's clarification about conceptual art from his articles "paragraph on conceptual art" (1967) and "sentences on conceptual art" (1969). It will simplify the critical tradition term of conceptual art. Also, it will show LeWitt's systems in the artwork. In (1961), the expression "Concept Art" first exploded in an American context. In his essay of the same name, published in 1963, the…

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  • Feliz Gonzales Torres Essay

    installation art and sculpture, Felix-Gonzales Torres is one of my favorite conceptual artist that I’ve learned about in class. He was known for his minimal installations, sculptures in which he used materials like lightbulbs strings, different clocks, stacked paper, and packaged hard candies. Torres graduated from Colegio San Jorge in 1976 after that he then began his art studies at University of Puerto Rico where he effectively participated in the local art scene. He eventually relocated to…

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  • Content Validation: Three Types Of Measurement Validation?

    Convergent/discriminant is concerned with questions such as “Are the scores (level 4) produced by alternative indicators (level 3) of a given systemized concept (level 2) empirically associated and thus convergent?” “Do these indicators have a weaker association with indicators of a second, different systematized concept, thus discriminating this second group of indicators from the first?” (540). As for concerns about this type of validation, the first “is that scholars might think that in…

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  • Conceptual Art Research Paper

    beautiful painting or a moving symphony, only exists because we declared it. This attachment to the arts is how we differentiate ourselves from other beings. What would happen if that defining characteristic was possessed by not just humans, but other, inorganic life? Machines can think, and we have made them so. A system of neural networks is used to estimate functions that depend on a large number of unknown inputs. Neural networks are labeled the tripe counterpart to AI, Artificial…

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  • Propaganda Art Of The Cuban Revolution And The Post Socialist Conceptual Art

    imagery and text appear in two contexts in Cuba, one, satirical and the other, its intended “proper” use in political propaganda. This essay will juxtapose the use of word and image in propaganda art of the Cuban revolution and the post-socialist conceptual art of the 90s that emerged in indirect and sometimes overtly direct response to it. Due to the regime’s strict control over the media, art has become one of the only spaces where critique of the government can sneak through, mostly…

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  • Four Wooden Sculpture Analysis

    Finial, a gilt bronze ornament created in the 18th century and currently displayed in the Arts of Asia department, has a two visual elements, shape and space. This art piece has organic shape where there is the wavy form of water and bodies of two fish. These two organic shapes contribute to the piece as they exist in the same environment. In Buddhism art, fish in water represent happiness because they are free to swim in the water. This 3D piece has a geometric circle shape that connects every…

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  • Jenny Holzer Essay

    Known for her large-scale public installations, Jenny Holzer is a neo-conceptual artist who creates thought provoking narratives through her installations. Her medium includes billboards, buildings, posters, stickers, light projections, plaques, photographs, and perhaps her most famous medium, LED signs. No matter which medium she uses, however, her work never fails to incite and arouse the public. Holzer’s aesthetic includes language and narratives as art, which continues to inspire people…

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  • Language Of Art

    The Language of Art: How to Prosper in the Creative World As the wise Henry David Thoreau once stated, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination. Thoreau, a non-conformist similar to myself, understood the means it took to separate oneself from society’s standards and restraints in order to be individually successful. Throughout my life, I have seen the difficulties an artist must endure in order to be successful in the typical sense. However, I have also learned that success can come…

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  • Theme For English B Analysis

    a young black man’s private thoughts towards an English class. The speaker’s thoughts include unintentional metaphors to respond to his instructor’s assignment. Langston Hughes’ poem mirrors the cognitive processes analyzed in Metaphors We Live By because the speaker in the poem is using his everyday thought patterns to internalize his emotions. The speaker of the poem could likely be unaware of his use of the metaphor “So will my page be colored that I write? Being me, it will not be white”…

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